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Testimonial from Akhiok Kaguyak, Inc
Akhiok Kaguyak, Inc
"Thank you all for your work. I found it a very rewarding experience and a delight to work with Kyle and the rest of the team . We love the completed site and the timing was perfect for our Annual Meeting."
S. Callahan

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Sundog Media Newsletter

As another Alaska solstice slips by...


The Sundog Media team has been busier than usual designing and building new websites. This time of year we are usually a little slower as many of our customers, like ourselves, try and enjoy the precious months of warm sunshine and all the sights, sounds and adventures that come with Alaska summers. In between your summer adventures I hope you have time to take a look at some great companies we have had the honor to work with recently.

Enjoy your summer and be safe out there.

Cheers from the Sundog Crew!

Website for Island Seafoods 

Island Seafoods
>> Find out all about it!

New Website for TTT Environmental

TTT Environmental
  >> Find out all about it!

Website for Alaska Family Wellness Center 

Alaska Family Wellness Center
>> Find out all about it!

Website for North Slope Telecom, Inc. 

North Slope Telecom, Inc.
>> Find out all about it!

Website for Alaska Sea Otter Sound Lodge 

Alaska Sea Otter Sound Lodge
>> Find out all about it!

Website for Akhiok Kaguyak, Inc 

Akhiok Kaguyak, Inc
>> Find out all about it!

Website for The Bill Stroecker Property Auction 

The Bill Stroecker Property Auction
>> Find out all about it!
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