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Sundog Media built our first website ten years ago, the team at sundog media are very knowledgable and helpful, that's why when it came to building a new up-dated website the choice was clear, Sundog Media will alway's be invoved in any future decisions involving web design. - Mike Patterson >> Read More!


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The Sundog Media Client Support System As you know, all of us at Sundog Media strive to provide our clients with the finest in customer service and support. And to that end, we've added a couple of new things to our website that should help facilitate your support needs quickly and efficiently.

If you look at the top of our site you'll see two new links: Quick Support Form and Client Basecamp Sign In. If you are currently enjoying the Basecamp system, that's definitely the best way to contact Sundog Media if you have a support issue. If you're new to Sundog Media, or you cannot locate your Basecamp username and password, please use our Quick Support Form. Whichever way you choose, please be sure to provide us with as much detail as you can, and we will do our utmost to respond to your needs as promptly as we can!

New Website for City of Fairbanks

City of Fairbanks
The City of Fairbanks is known as the "Golden Heart City". The people of Fairbanks are known for their generosity of spirit, hospitality, and friendliness. The city is vibrant with business and trade, outdoor and sports activities, and a dynamic arts community.

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New Design - Alaskan Perimeter Expeditions

Alaskan Perimeter Expeditions
If you've dreamed of big game hunting in Alaska and are interested in a superior, exciting and successful hunting experience, join Alaskan Perimeter Expeditions, and Master Guide Henry D. Tiffany IV, on your next big game adventure in Alaska!

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New Website for Wilkerson Hozubin Law Office

Wilkerson Hozubin Law Office
Wilkerson Hozubin's focus is trial work in first and third-party cases, criminal defense, insurance coverage analysis, bad faith defense, and investigations in arson, fraud and misrepresentation claims. The firm is known for trial practice excellence. With four experienced attorneys and top-notch staff, the firm has sufficient depth to handle all cases regardless of complexity.

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New Website for ACHP Alaska

ACHP Alaska
Since its beginnings, ACHP Alaska has and continues to provide education in energy-efficient building technology throughout the State of Alaska.

All ACHP Alaska workshops, publications, and projects are designed specifically for Northern regions. These regions have very diverse climatic zones with extreme temperatures, as well as precipitation, soil, and cultural differences. All of these factors must be taken into consideration when designing to meet the demands of every zone.

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