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Sundog Adventures
Right now Joe, Cathy and the kids are on an Adventure!  They are boating from Anacortes, WA. all the way to Haines, AK.  Read about their adventures here, and you can even track their progress by going here!

Doyon Universal Services
Thanks so much for all of your creativity and hard work on our new website. It was a pleasure working with each of you and Basecamp made it very easy to communicate and keep track of our progress. We are very pleased with the new site and glad to see the project completed on time and within budget. >> Read More

Bell's Nursery and Gifts
We are really pleased with the outcome of our website for Bell's Nursery. For many years we had put it off, but working with Kym made it so easy because we were able to email and meet at our store location. Kym understood our vision for the website. >> Read More


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"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
- Steve Jobs, Apple Inc.

Sundog Media Newsletter
What do I do? I can't re-size or crop my pictures!!

What do I do?  I can't re-size or crop my pictures!Well that's not good is it? Take a deep breath, and don't pull your hair out! We actually hear that quite a bit when we're training one of our clients on how to use and edit their new WordPress website.

The majority of us in this industry use Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator to do all of our graphic/photo creation and manipulation. But if you're like most people, spending a few hundred or a few thousand dollars on software you're going to use perhaps once a week to crop a photo isn't very cost effective, is it?

So we went looking for some good and reasonably priced alternatives, and lo and behold we found quite a few online products that'll do the trick and the best part is - they're Free! >> Read More

New Design - Doyon Universal Services

Doyon Universal Services
Doyon Universal Services is the premier Integrated Facility Management (IFM) contractor and full spectrum Security Services provider for Alaska's private and public sectors. DUS operates on a solid business foundation and has a proven track record of jobsite safety, innovation, quality, and cost effective delivery of services, with a wide variety of support and security capabilities.

>> Read More

New Website for Dan's Aircraft Repair

Dan's Aircraft Repair
Dan's Aircraft Repair, Inc. is widely known as the expert in all aspects of Cub maintenance, and they have developed many innovative modifications to enhance the performance and safety of these aircraft. Dan's Aircraft Repair operates in a 4000 sq. ft hangar on the south side of Merrill Field in Anchorage, AK. They have a staff of about 9, including 5 A&P Mechanics, an I.A., several fabric and paint specialists and office staff.

>> Read More
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