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As always, it has been great to work with a great team of professionals. I know we will be working together later on this year on a number of other projects, and I can't wait to begin a few new ventures. - Michael Smith


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Yesterday we suffered through some server issues which caused some of the websites we host to display "account suspended" messages.  We reacted as quickly as we could to rectify the problem and we humbly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Happy New Year - Our Goals

The Law FamilyOne thing I love about the start of a new year is the sense of new possibilities, fresh starts and the hope and desire to actively improve and grow.

I am a type "A" sort of person. Every new year I sit down and write out new goals for myself. I break them down into categories such as faith, family, health and business and then I prioritize them. I keep this list as a flagged email in my inbox and throughout the year, as I clear out my inbox (which really does happen from time to time!), I review my goals to see how I'm progressing. I am embarrassed to admit that this email often has well over a hundred goals in it. Which is very optimistic of me in terms of actually being able to complete them all in a year!

This new year, looking back on the 15 years I've been in business and the reality that I have year old triplets under my roof, my perspective of what is important is a little different and I thought I would share some of my goals for 2011.

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New Design - Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation
Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation
Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation is embarking on its 30th year of working on behalf of the fishing industry in Alaska. They have a long track record of working with Federal and state fisheries management agencies, the fishing industry, and the scientific community to find ways to bring greater economic value and conservation to Alaska's fisheries.

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New Design - Seward Helicopter Tours
Seward Helicopter Tours
Seward Helicopter Tours provides Glacier Dog Sled Rides and Scenic Helicopter Flights. Their mission is to provide visitors to Alaska with insightful experiences in Dog Mushing, and to use a helicopter to help display all of the beauty Alaska has to offer.

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Stationary Design for JSC Consulting, LLC
JSC Consulting, LLC
Established in 1999, JSC Consulting, LLC provides professional products and services to nonprofit organizations. Their client base includes K-12 and higher education, local and state government, healthcare organizations, military, and a wide variety of public and private nonprofit organizations.

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