Introduces Homeschool Science Academy
Free 45-Minute Online Science Seminars
for Students & Parents

Homeschool Greetings,

     I'm a 13-year veteran homeschool dad, college professor, and director of a university Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab.

     The Lord has given me a passion for teaching students about the human body and how this complex creation of His testifies to His glory.  I offer Online Science Classes, Anatomy and Physiology Camps, and the following:

Free 45-Minute Online Seminars
     for 6th-12th Grade Students and Their Parents

     •  Top 10 Academic Mistakes Homeschoolers Make

     •  SAT / ACT - What You Should Know

     •  There's Life in the Blood

     •  Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain

     •  Sports Medicine - The Science

     •  10 Coolest Things About Forensic Anatomy / CSI

     •  Working Toward Academic Excellence

     •  So, You Want to be a Doctor - What to do Now

     •  Cool Chemistry

     •  What I've Learned from Human Cadavers

     •  Biology ... It Screams CREATION!

     •  College Sports Scholarships for Homeschoolers

     •  God's Incredible Creation - the Pancreas

Please visit our website to register
for these free online science seminars.

     Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.
Office - 828-265-4101.

     Please forward this message to your homeschool group
or friends who may be interested.  Thanks!

Greg Landry, M.S.

13-Year Veteran Homeschool Dad
Director, Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab

Office: 828-265-4101

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