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"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."   Psalm 119:105

Let Us Provide

Bible Based Curriculum

& Record Keeping
for You!


Basic Christian Education's Curriculum
Is Easy for Parents and Students To Use
and Effective for all Ability Levels.

We reduce record keeping and offer official transcripts & accredited high school diplomas.

Basic Christian Education offers a full service home schooling program which starts with placement testing, followed by an individualized academic plan resulting in tailor-made curriculum and finishes with an accredited diploma.  We provide official record keeping plus personal help over the phone as needed.

We can do more than record keeping – We help answer those everyday questions you have.

BCE staff collectively represents over 100 years of academic supervisory experience and today maintain regular on-hand student contact.

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We have time for you – your success is our goal!

We provide diagnostic placement services
and individualized curriculum.

BCE curriculum content covers the same areas of study as the state and local schools.  It combines a unique mastery- based approach to learning.  Lessons are taught through Biblical precepts and accounts.  Therefore we train for life with a Biblical worldview.  Students identify with the captivating character building illustrations that present real life situations with Biblical solutions.

BCE begins with Academic Diagnostic placement testing which enables the student to begin where they can succeed and progress with confidence.  The BCE staff and the parent-educator will analyze the diagnostic testing and together set the course of study for each student.  Students work at their own speed through 12 workbooks, or PACEs, for each subject in an academic year while mastering the material each step of the way.  The nature of the curriculum allows student independence while providing the parent full control with minimal daily preparation.

Your Success is Our Goal!

2 Options
for Customized Home School Program

Enroll now before price increase June 1, 2009.

Full Service  (Home School Plan 1)

This program provides parents with the services that they normally receive in a school setting.  We provide assistance in placing the students at their proper performance level and full record keeping, as well as transcripts and diplomas for high school students.  Get more information and order.

Á la carte 
(Home School Plan 2)

This program is available for parents who prefer maintaining their own records.  With this plan parents may purchase individual PACEs or courses in any quantity.
Get more information and order.

Basic Christian Education


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