"I recommend you check out this one-year
program that is different in many ways to any
other such program in the USA today."

     – Ken Ham, President, Answers in Genesis-USA

           Don Landis, founder and president of Jackson Hole Bible College,
      is the founding chairman of the board for Answers in Genesis-USA.

A One-Year, In-Depth Study

of the Scriptures with a Creation Emphasis

Gives Your Graduate a Unique Preparation for Life

with a Biblical Foundation and Christian Worldview!

Located at the foot of the spectacular Teton range, with many peaks rising more than a mile above the valley floor and a short drive away from Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

Creationism, dispensationalism, biblical inerrancy, and Bible study methods are hallmarks of the curriculum.

Students have the unique experience of learning about God and His Divine Revelation not only in the classroom, but in "hands-on" instruction.

Classes communicate rigorous Bible study skills, and creation-science excursions and field trips to the Grand Canyon, fossil beds, and national parks permit students to examine real world evidences for creation.

With this foundation, students will be better prepared to make wise choices about future education and serving the Lord through ministry opportunities.

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Academic Program

Jackson Hole Bible College offers an intensive, one year program of Bible education leading to a Diploma of Biblical Foundations with transferable credit.

Students are grounded in a balanced curriculum of theology, Bible survey and Christian growth courses.

Courses are taught in a modular, "single-subject-in-sequence" format. This focus on only one subject per class enables Bible scholars from around the nation to participate in bringing the highest quality education to our students.

 •  Apologetics; Philosophy
 •  Astronomy in the Bible
 •  New Testament Survey
 •  Studies in Acts; Romans; Hebrews
 •  Prophetic Books
 •  Personal Development
 •  Hermeneutics
 •  Creator God; Characteristics of God
 •  Geology; Geography of the Life of Christ
 •  Church History
 •  New Testament Greek Exegesis
 •  Missions Trip to Arizona
 •  Antinomies; Christology
 •  Backpacking

 •  Joy of Learning; Bible Study Methods
 •  Family & Marriage; Christian Finance
 •  Personal Ethics

Some of Jackson Hole Bible College's Professors are:
 •  Rev. Brad Belcher, Sr. Pastor, Cherry Creek Community Church; Professor,
    Cornerstone University
 •  Dr. Paul Benware, Professor, Philadelphia Biblical University
 •  Dr. Ken Ham, Founder Answers in Genesis, Florence, Kentucky
 •  Rev. Ken Hornok, Sr. Pastor, Midvalley Bible Church, Sandy,Utah
 •  Rev. Don Landis, Sr. Pastor, Community Bible Church, Chairman of the Board,
    Answers in Genesis, President, JHBC
 •  Rev. Brian Livermore, Sr. Pastor, Congregational Bible Church, Burley, Idaho
 •  Dr. Jason Lisle, Astrophysicist with Answers in Genesis
 •  Dr. David Menton, retired Professor Washington University, lecturer with
     Answers in Genesis
 •  Mr. Dave Nutting, Director of Alpha & Omega Institute, Grand Junction,
 •  Dr. Mike Powell, Sr. Pastor, University Bible Church; Professor-Idaho State

Excursions & Field Trips

Jackson Hole Bible College provides unique educational experiences outside the classroom. The combination of instruction inside and outside the classroom enables students to develop a keen appreciation of the magnificent Creator-God we serve.

Creation-Science Excursions
 •  The Grand Canyon
 •  Colorado National Monument
 •  Black Canyon of the Gunnison
 •  Mount St. Helens
 •  Arches National Park

Field Trips
 •  Creation-Science trip to Fossil Butte
 •  Whitewater Rafting on the Snake River
 •  Backpacking into the Wind River Mountains
 •  Picnics and Overnight Camping Trips
 •  Yellowstone National Park
 •  Hikes in Grand Teton National Park
 •  Western History at Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody, Wyoming

Student Development

Jackson Hole Bible College
Jackson Hole Bible College's small student body enhances close relationships between faculty and students. Times of fellowship, prayer, and recreation enhance the family atmosphere of Jackson Hole Bible College throughout the year.

Students Participate in:
 •  Dorm Life
 •  Church Attendance
 •  Christian Service Ministry
 •  Personal Discipleship Program

The location of Jackson Hole Bible College allows for many activities to enrich student life: Downhill skiing and snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, backpacking, golf, elk refuge sleigh rides, tram rides, hot springs swimming, climbing and repelling, mountain biking, horseback riding, fly fishing, boating, whitewater rafting, and wildlife watching.

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