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• Bible Knowledge

   with Inductive Bible Study
   and Bible Memory

• Spiritual Application

• Heart for the World

   with a Missions Emphasis

Dear Friends at Deeper Roots,

     I just received my order, and I am so excited! I have been homeschooling for 18 years, and this is the best Bible curriculum I have ever seen!

     It incorporates the three components that I have constantly tried to find ways to teach my children:

• Bible memory
• Inductive study with an emphasis on application
• A heart for the world resulting in participation
    in the Great Commission.

     It seems like one or the other always ended up slipping through the cracks.  I can hardly believe I found them all in one place!  And with a Teacher's Guide that helps me do it with excellence. I am honestly at a loss for words.

     It is exactly the Bible program I would have written if I were to write one (and had the time and the talent!).  How I wish I had Deeper Roots for my oldest three children who are already graduated.  But I still have three children left, and I will thoroughly enjoy using your books for all of them!  I will also be letting friends know about your products.

     I thank the Lord for you!
     Cindy G., 18-year-veteran homeschool mom

10th, 11th, or 12th Grade
Bible Curriculum

Rooted & Grounded
A Guide for Spiritual Growth

by Howard & Bonnie Lisech, Jan Harris

27 Essential Spiritual-Life
Principles That Will Help Your Student Become a Successful Adult

Teacher's Guides
•  Teacher's guides are essential
   and valuable.
•  Inductive Bible Studies.
•  Always on same page as Student
•  Contains essential teacher's notes
   and lesson plans.
•  Suggested answers.
•  Personal application questions
   and activities.
•  Visual demonstrations.
•  Review/quiz answer keys.
•  Reviews at the end of each lesson
   can be used as quizzes.
•  Verses are printed in KJV and NIV
   to save teacher time.
•  Designed by home-school teachers
   with busy parents in mind.

Unit Tests and Test Key Booklet
Covers principles and concepts taught and studied in the lessons. Contains essential questions for evaluating the student's grasp of the principles and concepts.

Student Workbook
•  Enjoyable artwork illustrates each lesson.
•  Space for students to write answers.
•  Memory challenge every 5th day
   of each lesson.
•  Writing assignments.
•  Reflection pages help this become
   a spiritual journal.

At the beginning of each lesson there is a beautiful sketch of an unreached people group. The artwork, geographical, and cultural information will inform and encourage your student to pray.

What Others Are Saying
Read endorsements and reviews by Greg Harris, Cathy Duffy, Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Homeschooling Parent Magazine, and more.

Gregg Harris, Author
The Christian Home School
    "Rooted and Grounded is a unique Bible curriculum for upper high school level. The authors guide the student to discover and apply biblical principles in their spiritual growth. It will challenge and equip students for a life that is God-focused, yielded, obedient, and fruitful.
    "The authors, who are former home schoolers, have produced an extremely "teacher friendly" curriculum that includes everything needed to be academically sound and biblically based. Excellent!"

Deborah Deggs Cariker,
Eclectic Homeschool Online
    "This is not just a 'read the Bible and regurgitate a formula answer' kind of text. This will make your students think and pray . . . as they examine their own hearts."

Statement of Faith
Read Deeper Roots' Statement of Faith.

7th, 8th, or 9th Grade
Bible Curriculum

1.  Discovering Our Amazing God
2.  Discovering Who I Am in Christ
3.  Discovering Christ-Like Habits
4.  Discovering Christ-Like Character

by Howard & Bonnie Lisech, Jan Harris

Teacher's Guides
•  Our teacher's guides are essential
   and valuable.
•  Inductive Bible studies.
•  Always on same page as Student
•  Contains essential teacher's notes
   and lesson plans.
•  Suggested answers.
•  Personal application questions
   and activities.
•  Visual demonstrations.
•  Reviews at the end of each lesson include
   answer keys and can be used as quizzes.
•  Tests and test answer keys included.
•  Verses are printed in KJV and NIV
   to save teacher time.
•  Designed by home-school teachers
   with busy parents in mind.

Student Workbooks
Drawings and suggested activities intermingled with inductive Bible study will interest students and challenge and help them dig into God's Word for themselves. Includes reflection pages to help students organize and record their discoveries as a spiritual journal. Four different ways of answering questions keep students motivated.

Each lesson begins with great sketches of an unreached people group in our world including geographical and cultural information to encourage prayer. They will certainly to broaden your student's perspective.

1. Discovering Our Amazing God
(Book 1). Deliberately focuses on some of the less familiar stories and events in the Bible to give students a new appreciation of our loving God. These excellent foundational inductive studies help students see that God and Christ have the same character. Essential for building a solid foundation.

2. Discovering Who I Am in Christ
(Book 2). Will help 7th, 8th, and 9th grade believers understand their personal identity in Christ. This life changing principle is the main focus of these inductive studies.

3. Discovering Christ-Like Habits
(Book 3). Designed to change your students' life patterns. These inductive studies provide a deeper understanding of Christian habits and daily practice in such disciplines as prayer, faith, making choices, worship, Bible study, etc.

4. Discovering Christ-Like Character
(Book 4). Discovering A Christ-Like Character is the final book in the Discovery series. It uses Bible accounts of Christ's life to challenge your students to a lifetime of following His example. As they focus on the character of Jesus, such as His compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and patience, they will be drawn to Him and desire to be more like Him. The first chapter covers "Discovering Christlike Joy" and the final chapter is "Christlike Love." Other chapters include lessons on integrity, self-control, humility, and forgiveness.

Homeschooling Parent
Stamp of Approval

    Deeper Roots Publications has been awarded the Homeschooling Parent Stamp of Approval for Rooted and Grounded, Discovering Our Amazing God, and Discovering Who I Am In Christ.

    Citations included: "These studies are thought provoking and challenge teens to examine their hearts. These are not 'fill-in-the- blanks' question and answer studies.

    "Studies like these are hard to find! This is a great example of homeschoolers who discovered a need while schooling their own children, and then worked tirelessly to produce teaching tools for those following in their footsteps.

"These are tremendous Bible studies!"

How Long Will It Take
To Do This Bible Study?

Two Days per Lesson
    We encourage the discipleship and mentoring method of relating and teaching.
    We suggest that you use the Bible study to disciple your children by taking two days for each day's work assignment.

    First Day: Assign your student to do the lesson "on their own." Tell them you will meet with them and discuss the lesson.

    Second Day: Sit down with your student and discuss his or her answers, observations, and questions. Give personal input from your own life experience or from suggestions found in the Teachers Guide. For the next day assign the work for Day 2.

    Parents report that this method of teaching often stimulates some of the best biblical discussions that they have with their children.
    If you have more than one student, this approach will enable you to rotate your schedule and have important individual one-on-one time with each student.

    Using this method, each 7th, 8th, or 9th Grade Discovering . . . Bible Curriculum will last ONE year, and each Rooted and Grounded 10th, 11th, or 12th curriculum will last TWO years.

Firm Foundations:
Elementary Bible Curriculum

Firm Foundations:
from Creation to Christ
Chronological Bible Study

by Trevor McIlwain,
New Tribes Mission

    Give your children a Firm Foundation with this teacher-led Bible Curriculum. Designed for 4th and 5th grade students, it can be adapted to a wider range of ages in a family setting. Most home school families take two years to complete this wonderful Bible curriculum. We have never had a family express regret for purchasing this product. A great value!

    The Teacher's Set consists of 50 lessons divided into five books, which contain complete teacher's outlines, activity suggestions, and lesson plans plus a great chronological timeline, maps, and many posters to help illustrate the main points of your teaching.

    In the Children's Workbook, each of the 50 lessons has a single page of workbook type review and a skit that shows application from the lesson.

    A set of 105 Laminated color pictures and another set of reproducible Black and White line drawings (for coloring) can also be purchased to help your Bible teaching "come alive."

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