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    How We Got
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"We Are so Excited!"

    My son, who has used your Algebra I and Algebra II courses, just got his first ACT scores.
    His composite was a 28 with a 27 in mathematics – And that is for a sophomore with no advanced math experience.
    We can not thank you enough for a wonderful math program that more than prepared my son for the ACT and higher level mathematics.  He knows Algebra!
    Brenda S., Tennessee

"I Was at the Top
of My College Algebra Class."

    My name is Faith, and I was a homeschooler who used your video series for both Algebra I and Algebra II.
    Your math more than prepared me for College Algebra. I was at the top of my class, and my teacher said that I must have used a "really great curriculum" in high school.
    Faith A. Miami, FL

"He Can Tutor Others."

    Our son has improved in his Algebra to the point where he can tutor others. This skill would not have been possible without your curriculum.
    Gaylynn B. Hearne, TX

"My Daughter
Now Understands."

    This series has been the best I have ever seen for math tutoring. You are doing a fabulous job, and I can't say enough about how thankful I am to have found this.
    Math has been our tough subject, and I have tried several algebra programs. My daughter now completely understands the lessons.
    I am so pleased. Thanks!
    Sandie F. Ama, LA

"Awarded Scholarship
and Earned College Credit."

    After studying Keyboard Enterprises Algebra I and Algebra II with Mr. Firebaugh, my son scored high enough on the SAT to be awarded 6 hours of college credit in math, including College Algebra, and a full four-year academic scholarship to Angelo State University.
    Mr. Firebaugh's instruction is thorough and understandable, and requires virtually no parent assistance.
    As a homeschool veteran of 14 years, Keyboard Enterprises Algebra stands out as one of our most successful investments in curriculum.
    Susan C. Tennyson, TX

"I Disliked Math
Before I Used These Tapes."

    Keyboard Enterprises' Algebra videos made learning fun for me. This is an amazing feat considering that I greatly disliked the subject before I began using these videos. I had been using textbooks before.
    The videos are not only extremely understandable, but interesting as well. When I had completed the series, I came away with wonderful algebra grades and a great understanding of algebra that was very useful in college.
    Olivia J. California CHEA Parent Educator Magazine Columnist

"Your Format
Is Easy To Understand."

    This past spring our daughter took the standardized CAT test and scored 16 out of 19 perfect scores. Three of those perfect scores were in math.
    Your format is easy to understand and the instructor is clear and easy to follow.
    Thanks for all your hard work.
    Mr. & Mrs. Jamie S. Delmar, MD

"Finally an Algebra
Course Designed To Go
at the Student's Pace!"

    If you are looking for a good, visual math curriculum that is simple, thorough, and accompanied by easy-to-use workbooks, tests and answer keys, then the Keyboard Enterprises math series is for you.
    I recommend this often to families looking for real help in mathematics.
    Marian S. M.A. LD Specialist Long Beach, CA

"Mr. Firebaugh
Is a Great Teacher."

    When I first began learning algebra, I hated it. I would think of reasons why it is an unnecessary subject, saying "What do I care about what 'x' is?"
    For a year I struggled, loathing it, but doing it as my duty to my parents. I didn't understand the concepts and would get most of the problems finished, only to find that I had misunderstood a new rule (or even an old one) and after all my work, I had to admit failure again.
    Then my mom ordered a new way to learn algebra — on video! We (my brother and I) had never had a video course before. Keyboard Enterprises was just what I needed.
    Mr. Firebaugh is a great teacher. He explains each new level clearly and we can rewind to catch something we missed.
    Bryan and I did the course together. We worked out the lessons with Mr. Firebaugh and wrote out everything. We enjoyed finding the answer to his sample problem before he'd finished working it out! And as we listened, humor would come out in the lesson.
    Soon I not only had stopped despising algebra, but it became one of my favorite academic subjects! Bryan and I are enthusiastic about doing Algebra II this year and are deeply grateful to Mr. Leonard Firebaugh for his clear, enjoyable instruction.
    I would endorse this course to anyone who has problems with understanding algebra!
    Kevan & Byran M. (students) Motley, MN

"Mr. Firebaugh's Algebra
Was the Answer to Our Prayers."

    We have a wonderful 13-year-old son, whom I home school. We were not able to understand or learn from a correspondence manual, found private tutoring too expensive, and would have had to wait on a waiting list for questions to be answered at a community college lab.
    Then I remembered Mr. Firebaugh's advertisement.
    I was pleasantly surprised when Mr. Firebaugh answered the phone himself. I could tell he was a dedicated teacher. He told me that if the program didn't work we could return it in 30 days. This was wonderful news.
    The program arrived promptly. My son and his father turned into algebra sponges. His father didn't want to be in a situation where he could not help, and he wanted to be sure our son was learning. Sometimes they both watch a lesson over and over again. You don't mind working hard when you know you will see progress.
    We were relieved that we did not have to compromise our son's homeschool education, and we feel confident that we are providing the best education.
    Deborah B., Glen Burnie, MD

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You Can Get
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These Academically-Oriented Videos
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One Full Year of Algebra
Divided into Three Phases

Each phase constitutes about 10-12 weeks of study,
or roughly 1/3 of the school year.
(See "Algebra I Course Description" below.)

Each phase comes complete with:

 •  Nearly 50 video lessons
 •  50 assignments and tests
 •  50 answer and solutions keys
 •  Approx. 250 pages of instructional material
 •  Everything you need for a stand-alone curriculum

Algebra I Course Description

Phase 1 - The Basics of Algebra
    This first phase covers the major topics and basic operations needed to understand algebra. It deals primarily with equations and factoring, including the main properties that are necessary to work with equations (commutative, associative, and distributive).
  • This phase can be used in a pre-algebra situation and is currently used as early as 6th-grade level.
  • Many schools do not cover material beyond this level in an entire year.

Phase 2 - Continuation of the Basics
    Additional concepts are presented in this second phase to supplement the basics. These topics are not as common, but are needed to fully understand the subject of algebra.
    Concepts are covered that apply more heavily toward future studies in geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. This includes extensive work with fractions in equations and a large number of operations with square roots, which are crucial to future studies in mathematics.
  • There are several lessons dealing with word problems, an area which can significantly affect aptitude tests.
  • For students who work slowly, Phases 1 and 2 could constitute a full year of credit in Algebra I.
  • Students who do not plan to attend college may terminate studies at the end of Phase 2.

Phase 3 - Advanced Topics
    This third phase provides material which prepares the student for additional work in mathematical subjects including graphing and coordinate geometry.
    Phase 3 gives introductory study of graphing, mostly straight lines. This topic appears in all future math courses. Our course has extensive coverage of "completing the square" (needed for graphing curves) and the quadratic formula. Most Algebra I courses only touch lightly (if at all) on these two important concepts.
  • We have had several reports of students entering calculus and statistics classes in college with only our Algebra I course as their background, and they have received top grades in those courses.

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Algebra II Course Description

    This level of algebra is a continuation of Algebra I, containing new concepts while reinforcing topics from the Algebra I level.
    All three phases are needed to complete the 2nd year of algebra.  When completed, the student is easily able to be highly successful with College Algebra.

Phase 1
    "Basic operations" of advanced algebra.

Phase 2
    Heavily emphasizes "word problems" in addition to advanced topics for higher math.

Phase 3
    Quadratic Formula and Functions.

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Five Ways To Use Each Phase

1. As a Core Curriculum
    The tapes can be used either with or without a teacher; the course is comprehensive, without need for additional instruction.
    However, we strongly recommend supervision as a source of motivation (most students tend to require encouragement to study mathematics, as well as other academic subjects).

2. As a Curriculum Supplement
    There are many good programs of study available from Christian suppliers, but sometimes students have difficulty reading a textbook and understanding mathematical concepts.
    Students can then locate corresponding subject matter on the tapes or DVDs to receive verbal explanation of the topic.

3. As a Tutoring Tool
    When a student becomes confused and seems "lost," these tapes are an excellent resource for the comprehension of algebra concepts.

4. As a Means of Variety
    This is particularly needed for students who use individualized curriculums. Boredom and lack of self-motivation are probably the greatest enemies which stand in the path of success for these students.

5. As Additional Practice Exercises
    There are thousands of sample problems, covering every type of situation which arises for any given concept.
    Every exercise is accompanied by a detailed solution, helping the student to trace the steps that are required to get the answer.

Additional Information on Algebra I

  • It is assumed that the student has no knowledge whatsoever of algebra concepts; pre-algebra is not required.
  • Minimal arithmetic skills are needed.
  • Parents do not need to prepare anything. The course is designed so that the student can enjoy individualized instruction.
  • The teaching portion on the video tape averages 15 minutes for each lesson.
  • After watching this instructional presentation, the student has worksheet assignments which average 30-45 minutes.
  • If the student has difficulty with a particular problem, the supervisor may allow him to view the solution which is worked out in detail in the Answer Key.
  • There are quizzes or tests about every seven lessons. The end of Phase 3 contains a two-part final exam for the entire course.
  •    All three phases are needed to complete the first course in algebra. Also, all three phases are needed for students who plan to attend college.

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