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TELL ME MORE® Homeschool Edition is the most complete, sophisticated, and affordable language learning program available to homeschool educators.

What Makes Us Better:

  5 Levels of Learning in One Program

  40 Types of Activities, Thousands of Exercises

  Create Multiple Accounts

  The Whole Language: Reading and Writing, Listening and
    Speaking, Grammar and Conjugation, Culture and Traditions

  Built-In Tests for Initial Assessment, Progress, and Final

  Progress and Performance Tracking, With Printable Results

  Speech-Recognition Throughout, With S.E.T.S. Error-Correction

  An Immersion Method, With Translation Available

  Hours of Video, Cultural Texts, and Role-Play Activities

  A Weekly Euronews® Lesson, 24/7 Online Adviser, Lesson
    Study Guides

  Mobile Learning: Export Exercises and Audio to Windows Mobile
    Devices and MP3 Players, or Create Your Own Audio CDs

  Hundreds of Grammar Explanations, Thousands of Word
    Definitions, Hundreds of Fully Conjugated Verbs


Spanish  |  French  |  German  |  Italian  |  English

Dutch  |  Japanese  |  Chinese  |  Arabic

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Contact us at  homeschool@auralog.com

or 1-888-388-3535 ext. 618 (toll free)

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Five of Five Stars.  "We feel this product is the best foreign language program
we have come across."  - Colton Dumont, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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