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Your Children Can Succeed in Math – and Enjoy It

Our customers say . . .

     • Now They Get It!  "My children used to avoid math at all cost.  Now we do it first, and they love it – mainly because now they get it!"

     • "I Love Math!"  "By the end of the first lesson our daughter declared, 'I love math!'  This is the greatest program ever."

     • Totally Self Motivated.  "My oldest daughter no longer says the word 'hate' in the same sentence with 'math.'  She is totally self motivated to do the math program and usually wants to do it first."   Read more testimonials.

This Is What You'll Get With Systematic Mathematics
(See Modules below.)

1.  More Money  (Economical!)

    •  Nonconsumable curriculum – one purchase for all your students

    •  A DVD program priced like a textbook

2.  More Time  (Easy!)

    •  No lesson preparation needed; it's all done for you

    •  No more 2- to 3-hour assignments; it isn't necessary

3.  Less Frustration  (Enjoyable!)

    •  Math taught the way it was before the great dumbing down of the 1960s

    •  No jumping around; we build concept upon concept

    •  A student that understands math and isn't just memorizing it

Your Child Can Master 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th Grade Math –
Including Algebra I & II!

(See Elementary Math Curriculum below.)

• FIRST:  Systematically build an understanding of our base-ten number
     system (much like phonics gives a student ability to decode words).

• THEN:  Apply that understanding to solve math problems.

Your Child Can Understand Math –
Not Just Memorize It!

Learn how your child can get good grades on daily math assignments and still not understand it!

     Make it easy for your child to master math with
Systematic Mathematics!

     Veteran math instructor and author of Systematic Mathematics, Paul Ziegler, will teach your children via DVD modular units of math instruction listed below.

Systematic Mathematics DVD Modules
DVD Instruction by Paul Ziegler / Print Materials from CD

     All modules come with printed material on CD and instruction on DVDs.  These come in sleeves in a three ring binder.  This allows you to keep notes, the answer sheets or any other printed material with the rest of the module in one convenient location.

     Link to individual modules below for complete descriptions.

Grade Level 6
Establishing the Basics

Combined Set
Only $99 with Rebate.
132 Total lessons in set.
Combines modules:

6/1 Labeled Quantities
6/2 Using Rational Numbers
6/3 Working with Fractions
6/4 Shapes & Sizes

Grade Level 8
Introducing Algebra
(Algebra I)

Combined Set
Only $99 with Rebate.
98 Total lessons in set.
Combines modules:

8/1 What's Your Angle? (Geometry)
8/2 Integers, Order of Operations
8/3 Introduction to Algebra
8/4 Word Problems

Grade Level 7
Applying Mathematics

Combined Set
Only $99 with Rebate.
112 Total lessons in set.
Combines modules:

7/1 Prime Factoring
7/2 Decimals & Percents
7/3 Shapes, Dimensions
7/4 Building Number

Grade Level 9
Advancing in Algebra
(Algebra II)

Combined Set
Only $99 with Rebate.
104 Total lessons in set.
Combines modules:

9/1 Algebra A
9/2 Algebra B
9/3 Algebra C
9/4 Algebra D

Math Rescue: "Weapon of Math Instruction"!

     The Math Rescue module is a unique crash course for older students, mid-teens to adults (even parents!).  54 lessons will:

     1.  Lay a foundation for understanding math, enabling the student to confidentially use math in everyday life.

     2.  Prepare the student to continue on into algebra and pursue higher education.

     Read a complete description and see samples.

Getting Started: Grades K-2 (for Parents)
This module is for parents of K-2nd grade children.
     Multiplication Test and Diagnosing Subtraction are included on the CD.  2 DVDs and 1 CD.  Read Description.

FREE:  Diagnosing Subtraction
     This valuable tool will detect any trouble your child may have with subtraction.  It is available as Free pdf downloads and instructions.

Practical Arithmetics: Grades 3-5
     Written in 1934 by Strayer & Upton, these two books teach arithmetic in the same systematic way that Paul Ziegler teaches grades 6 through Algebra II on video.
     First Book - Grades 3 and 4  /  Second Book - Grade 5
Read Descriptions.

Help All Your Children
To Succeed in Math –
and To Enjoy It!

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