Are you planning a summer missions trip or ministry in a foreign language?
   Prepare with a short, fast, and easy audio course in your target language.

Foreign Language Study for Christians!

Language Institute . . .

is an evangelistic ministry
that equips Christians
to witness and minister
in foreign languages.

Equipping "witnesses ... to the ends of the earth."
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Unique Features of Logos Language Institute Courses
• Over 20 Languages To Choose from

• Simple, Conversational Method

• Self-Study Notebooks & Tapes/CDs

• Low Cost, Only $15-$23 per Course
• 6-Level Program in Spanish

• Everyday & Spiritual/Biblical

• Ideal for Short-Term Missions
   and Homeschool

Conversational Spanish for Christian Workers
6-Level Program

     Speakers are from Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, and Peru, but all pronounce clearly with no regional accent.

     The Spanish taught is standard with a Latin American emphasis, although all examples and exercises would be perfectly understandable to a person from Spain.

Spanish Introductory Study

    Learn to speak in easy steps by repetition and with God's help (no
grammar required!).

    Notebook with 200+ everyday and witnessing phrases, plan of salvation,
and 10 scriptures.

    Spanish-English phrases parallel on each page, pronounced twice in Spanish, once in English.

    Everything your need for a mission trip!

Spanish Introductory Study Packet
More Information and To Order

With cassette: $15

With Audio-CD: $19
Spanish In-Depth Study, Levels I-V

    Presents vocabulary and grammar in small, manageable pieces.  Easy to follow, practical. For those who want to become fluent in Spanish for ministry.

Spanish In-Depth Study - Level I
With cassette: $19 / With Audio-CD: $23

Spanish In-Depth Study - Level II
With cassette: $19 / With Audio-CD: $23

Spanish In-Depth Study - Level III
With cassette: $19 / With Audio-CD: $23

Spanish In-Depth Study - Level IV
With cassette: $19 / With Audio-CD: $23

Spanish In-Depth Study - Level V
With cassette: $19 / With Audio-CD: $23

Full Program: Intro, Levels I-V
Cassettes: $110 / Audio-CDs: $134

Spanish/English Books. The bi-lingual Gospel of John and hymnbook will effectively reinforce your study of Spanish:  Spanish/English Gospel of John, $3;  Cantos de Alabanza (Spanish/ English Hymnal), $12.  Also: Spanish Intro, Levels I & II (CD-ROM) Computer Use, $18.

Introductory Study Packets in 20 Languages

     Learn to speak in easy steps by repetition and with God's help (no grammar required!).

     Introductory Study Packets come with a notebook and cassette or CD that contain 200+ everyday and witnessing phrases, plan of salvation, and 10 scriptures.

     These courses teach what you need to know for a short-term mission trip and how to lead someone to Christ in the language.

     Intro Study Packets can be used as a supplement to other language courses that do not have Christian/spiritual vocabulary.

     Notebook and Cassette - $15  /  Notebook and Audio-CD - $19

For language packets marked with an asterisk (*), an Audio-CD option is available.


Chinese (Mandarin)*

Chinese (Taiwanese)

Creole (Haiti)*

Dutch (Surinam)

Farsi (Iran)*


Greek (Modern)

Igbo (Nigeria)







Tagalog (Philippines)


Reviews & Testimonials
Home School Reviewers

     Mary Pride:  "Unique, well-thought-out formal language instruction ... If you love Jesus, you'll really like this program!"

     Cathy Duffy:  "This is an excellent Spanish course whether or not students are bound for the mission field ... Tapes are of high quality ... The intent is to get you 'up and running' with some immediately usable Spanish."


     Spanish.  I am homeschooling my two daughters, ages 12 and 14. We are almost finished with Spanish Level I and are ready to order Level II. Your program is fun, and it works. - D. H., Jacksonville, TX

     Russian.  I love the Russian tape – the phonetic rendering makes it easier to 'get' the pronunciation. I will be prepared for my next mission trip. - C. F., Stockton, CA

     Arabic.  Your studies are great – secular studies cost much more and don't have the witnessing information. My wife and I will be teaching English on the Gaza strip for two years. Your Arabic study will enable us to share as opportunity arises. - F. C., Knoxville, TN
     Spanish.  Our son has been using your program. He is now in Level IV, and he is speaking Spanish. Our Puerto Rican friend evaluated his pronunciation and usage and could not believe how well he is doing. D.K., Lodi, CA

     French and Spanish.  I have a friend going to Belgium as a missionary. I sent her the French packet, which she enjoyed and also put to good use. In addition, I ordered your Spanish packet and am working with a Spanish church. Last night at the service, I understood almost everything because all the words are in your Intro packet. J.D., Joplin, MO

     Cambodian.  Our group is really happy with your Cambodian materials. They must be anointed; they really do work. R.C., Stockton, CA

     Spanish, Russian, and French.  I used your Spanish courses for homeschooling and enjoyed them very much. When I went to Russia, I used your Russian course with tremendous results. In Russia, I met others from all over the states who were also using Logos' materials. Now I have a new friend whom I met on the Internet. I need your French study to help me witness to her. D.S., Joplin, MO

Logos Language Institute

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