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Ritual Incense, Journals & Events | Issue #98

Thanks to everyone who made it to the Psychic Tarot Talk & Book Signing, in spite of the near blizzard conditions upon us at the time. We were impressed. 

We have plenty of New Items to chose from in our store and on our website. Books, blank and otherwise, seem to dominate as we head into March . . . must be our way of dealing with cabin fever. View the latest new items.

In this issue, we are highlighting a couple of new categories: our Alchemical Ritual Incense Blends and Handmade Leather Journals, as well as a couple of new workshops. We highlight our bestselling Tarot Books and one of the decks, including an article by the creator of that deck. We also have an article by our own Chuck Boe, who answers the question What is Reiki?
Last, but hardly least, we give you the news about Nordic Roots Day here at the Eye in March.

Orion Foxwood Events at the Eye this Weekend
We're looking forward to providing a warm turnout for Orion Foxwood this friday, who is flying in from a more temperate climate. The free Book Signing / Q&A is this Friday, the 25th at 6pm.  There is also still room in the Haints, Haunts and Helpers Workshop at 7pm this Friday. You can register online or call 612-872-1292 for more info.

If you are interested in the Faery Seership Training this weekend, but haven't been able to afford the price tag, we now have a couple of partial scholarships available.  Please use our website contact form to tell us why you want to attend, how much you can afford, and what your financial need is (student, etc.) and your contact information.  We must receive your scholarship request by noon on Friday 2/25. Since only 1 or 2 openings are available, there is no guarantee.  We will contact you and let you know by the end of day on Friday.

See you soon! 

Blessed Be, Walk in Wisdom, Namaste, and all that jazz

Jane & Thraicie
Eye of Horus Metaphysical Store
Alchemical Ritual Incense
Nine Magickal Blends

Ritual Incense Blends
Many of us who burn incense know how calming, awakening or enlightening it can be when used as part of a personal ritual, or in a group setting.

But for a while at the Eye, we've wanted to be able to offer an incense as powerful as some of our candles. Now we can. We have discovered a Master Herbalist, trained Alchemist and Ritual Artist who has created astounding specialty blends of herbal incenses.  These aren't the faux "entertainment" incenses you find on campus. You don't smoke these.  No, these are carefully blended works of a master who makes them specifically for spiritual work.

This is traditional loose incense which requires a bowl or censer and an incense charcoal tablet to burn.


These ritual incense blends use the finest herbs, woods, resins and essential oils. Each incense is blended and charged during the appropriate lunar phases and astrological correspondences to enhance the potency and heighten awareness. All of the blends are designed to metaphysically awaken to their purpose during use, to then elevate and enliven the senses of the ritualist, and thus serve as a direct link to the inherent energies it embodies. Read About the Nine Blends and how to burn the incense>


Handmade Leather Journals
For those who love the Old Ways

Handmade Leather Journals
Vintage, old world craftsmanship and consistent quality become more precious as time marches on.  These handmade and hand bound journals are meant to take us back to a time when things were not mass produced-to a time when value was placed on how much skill and effort was required to produce a truly unique item.

Perfect for a personal journal, or to create your own family or craft tradition heirloom, detailing your seasonal celebrations, recipes, quotable moments, and magickal workings. 
Read about keeping a magickal or ritual journal>

Handmade Scroll
Artist / Scribe's Scroll
These amazing journals are available in several different formats, and we have six currently in stock.  The picture abovve shows the Entangled Dragons and Gaia Earth Mother Journal. At left, you see a handmade archival scroll made exactly the way they made them 1,000 years ago.

Look closely at the pages of any of these books and you will see the beautiful woven linen pattern in the tree free paper. You can see, touch and feel the quality of each journal with the turn of every page. It's a personal and lasting experience of texture and senses which will ignite your creativity and invite you to try new mediums and explore your inner and outer world, knowing the record you keep will last for generations.

Best of all, we are buying direct from the the artisans, so we are able to pass on some savings on most of the styles.

Read more about the craftsmanship of these journals>
Take a look at all the available styles and sizes>

Faeries' Oracle Deck by Brian Froud

Faeries Oracle Book and Deck by Brian Froud
Faeries Oracle
To celebrate our upcoming Faery Seership Training weekend, we are offering a very special price on the Faeries' Oracle Deck and book set by Brian Froud.  The Faeries' Oracle calls on sylphs, pans, gnomes -- and, of course, faeries -- to lead you on a delightful journey of adventure, discovery, and enlightenment that will illuminate the future and heal the heart and soul.

This special discount is only available until March 5th.

Our Price:
$ 20.00
List Price:

You Save: 20%


View Images and order online 


What is Reiki?
by Chuck Boe, Reiki Master

Reiki is a system of natural energy healing.  The word is Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy.  A Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit for the life force energy and directs it into the body of the person receiving a treatment.  The practitioner does not use their own energy to do Reiki healing work.  Reiki is used to promote healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.  The person receiving a treatment will feel a sense of warmth, relaxation and a balancing of their energy and chakras. 

Historical Reiki originated in the time of the Buddha.  The Buddha did healings throughout his life and ministry much the same as the healing stories of Jesus.  Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of modern Reiki, based this healing system on Sanskrit literature written by the disciples of Buddha instructing them on how to heal others and themselves.  There were three great Reiki Masters in the development of this system of natural healing.

Read about the founders and the Five Reiki Principles >


Nordic Roots Day
Hosted by Kari Tauring

We invite you to a day of exploration, performance, and good folk coming together for a common purpose-to explore their Nordic Roots. In our modern quest for spiritual enlightenment and connection, many people are finding their way back to the deep root traditions of their own cultural heritage, mending and healing the broken traditions of their own ancestral folk ways.


Perhaps you are curious about Nordic roots spirituality, perhaps you have been practicing your ancestral traditions and are looking for others to connect with, or perhaps you teach a specific pathway of Norse tradition such as Asatru or Heathenry- this is a day for you!


What: Nordic Roots Day
Where: Eye of Horus Metaphysical
When: March 20, 2011
Scheduled Events: Open House from 2-7 pm  

  • We begin the day with Nordic Roots music by Kari Tauring and Stavers in the House!
  • Panel discussion from 3-4
  • Networking 

Follow Event on Twitter: #norsday320

Cost: Free (donations welcome)


The diversity of Nordic roots practice in just the Twin Cities area is exemplified by the diversity of the panel we have put together. Hosted by our own Völva (staff carrier) Kari Tauring, panelists include . . . read full article >  


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Alchemical Ritual Incense
Handmade Leather Journals
What is Reiki?
Nordic Roots Day

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Shadowscapes Tarot Set

Shadowscapes Artist Notes 

by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law 


During the creation of Shadowscapes Tarot, the Major Arcana was easy to create, in terms of imagery and motivation. The archetypes of the Majors are enticing to any artist, imbued as they are with the collective subconscious of meaning, and familiar to even those who know little or nothing of Tarot. "Death," "The Tower," "The Empress"...each of these conjures a host of ready visual associations and metaphors just from hearing the name alone.


The Minor Arcana was much harder. A number and a suit: how to create meaning from something that seems random? How to motivate myself artistically to not hold back, but to pour everything I have within me into each card? It would be a shame to have created a body of work I was proud of in the Major Arcana, and then to fall short when coming to the rest of the deck.


Read more and view images 


New Astrology Classes


Tarot & Astrology Class

March 19th (Saturday)


For centuries, the art of tarot and the study of astrology have been closely tied. Most tarot readers, however, don't know the astrological foundation of the deck - and most astrologers don't know how seamlessly their knowledge can transfer to the cards.

In this workshop, you'll discover the close connections between tarot and astrology, card by card. What's more, you'll learn how to combine the two systems into a single, integrated whole.


Read More about the Tarot & Astrology Class with Corrine Kenner


Signs & Seasons Monthly Study Series 


March 23rd (Wednesday) 7:00-9:00 pm


This is a new monthly class that will usually usually occur the Fourth Wednesday of each Month from 7:00pm - 9:00 p.m. Each month we will explore a sign and a season. Inspired by astrology's symbols and patterns, we open to wonder and practice cosmic mindfulness- a practice of developing relationships with nature, self, and Mystery.

Read more about the Signs & Seasons Workshop with Teri Parsley-Starnes 


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