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Dreams & Visions | Issue #91
Almost Spring Greetings!

Some of you may have noticed the article on our website about our Visionary T-Shirts.  Well, in this issue, we're going to tell you a bit more about our vision and invite you those of you who don't want the ultra-cool t-shirt to just do a straight up donation.  What for?  So we can expand quickly to meet the need for new programs, classes, services, including having a year-round labyrinth.

We are expanding, regardless.  Here's what's new coming up in July:
We know many of you are on a tight budget, so we simply ask you to keep us in mind, and send us good energy to help us keep to our roots as we grow.  Or Share Your Story about what the Eye means to you. Some of our customers have already shared a few words, and we've even heard back from a few of our visiting dignitaries.

You can also let your friends know about our online store and our Facebook Page.

Blessed Be, Walk in Wisdom, and Namaste,
Jane and Thraicie
Eye of Horus Metaphysical Store
Are You a Visionary?
Help us manifest the New Eye!

Eye of Horus Visionary Fund
Eye of Horus is doing something that may sound counter-intuitive: we're going to expand. We believe in these challenging times that we need to bring you more of what you need. Now, admittedly, we've pretty much been expanding since Day 1, slowly adding new lines and services, but in these times of change and personal re-evaluation, we've taken a look at what we do and decided we aren't doing enough. In order to adapt to this new reality, Eye of Horus is launching an expansion program.

Our expansion plans include diversification of products, the addition of new classes and services, some of which we are announcing in this newsletter, and ultimately a move to a beautiful new space (as close as possible our current location) to hold larger classes, a year-round indoor labyrinth, workshops, circles, small concerts, and just plain more books and products that you want. Here is where we need your help.  In order to finance the new business plan, we are starting a Visionary Fund. 

Anyone who contributes to the fund will receive advance notice of what we are doing, as well as invites to special events, advance ticket sales for concerts, and anything else we can think of to thank you. You can take the simple route and donate directly, for $20, $40, $60 or any multiple of $20 using this button:
Make a Donation

or, we thought it would be a lot more fun and cool to offer a premium art t-shirt from The Mountain for $39. We're making it limited-edition by having a custom Visionary Logo printed on the sleeve (or on the back, in the case of kids shirts). You can pre-order, and select to pay in store, and you only pay for it when you pick it up.  We've pre-selected 16 styles for you to choose from.  Originally we had only eight, but we got a request for smaller sizes, so now there are two sets to choose from:
We'll be placing the order in mid-July.  We'll order a few extras of the more popular designs, but this is your only opportunity to decide what you'd like on your shirt.  Okay, maybe we're going out on a limb here, asking you to pay $39 for a $19 shirt . . . but it's the only way you can get the cool visionary logo above on the sleeve, and you become a part of our store and our mission in a pretty unique way.  Because we really do try to be more than just a store.  Here's what people have to say about that: 

"The Eye is more than a store, its a gathering point, a meeting place, a crossroads of ideas and a home away from home. The feel of the Eye is wild and calm, sweet and strong, and just what you need before you even need it. Sure, I love the books and the candles and the jewelry and the statues and the stones...but, more than that, I love the people and the incense of the atmosphere, the jazzy excitement of magick left over from countless rituals and the soothing feel of the labyrinth and the garden.

I've done rituals there and its so easy to slip into the right space because it's already half-way to Faery."

Read more stories . . .
Or, share your own story about what the Eye means to you.

Intro to Shamanism
Your own Vision Quest

Inspired by the article by Veronica Cummer, Call of the Shaman, Eye of Horus has put together a resource page for those who are interested in learning more about Shamanism. If you are interested in

"These techniques encompass traveling in the spirit to other worlds through trance, the use of spirit helpers, healing the sick ... divination, and retelling the community's songs and stories."

You can read more about it on the Intro to Shamanism page, as well as discover some of the core resources for learning more, such as the books:
But if you really want to get a good understanding, there's nothing quite like going on your own Shamanic Journey, or two, or three in this three session course led by Rhonda Steele, starting Sunday July 11th: 

Intro to Shamanism Course
Students will meet their power animal and their spirit guide. They will learn to journey and have contact with their guides on a regular basis. Over the course of three Sunday lessons, you will learn to connect with the world in a new way and be able to deepen your connection with your guides and all the world. Each week you will walk with a new level of awareness, and be able to come back for renewal and practice. In three lessons you will have a foundation for a practice you can use on your own.

Pre-registration is required.  Click here for more info or to register.
In This Issue
Alchemy Gothic pre-Sale
Intro to Shamanism

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"Sometimes it is better to begin the journey, to get under way,
then it is to sit back and wait until such time that you're convinced
that all conditions are perfect and that there'll be
no surprises along the route." ~John Engler
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