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QuickBooks Tip

Ctrl when opening QuickBooks
Have you ever received an error when opening QuickBooks?   There are many reasons why this can occur.  Regardless of the reason, there is a quick way to help you narrow down to the likely causes for launch errors.

The next time you open QuickBooks, hold down your Ctrl key.  This will suppress the last opened data file and bring you directly to the 'No Company Open' screen. 
If QuickBooks opens this way without any errors, then attempt to open a company data file.  If you receive the same error upon opening a data file, then the problem is in the data file itself. 
If you receive the error when launching QuickBooks (while holding down the Ctrl key) then the problem is most likely with the QuickBooks program installation itself and not with the data.
Use this tip to save time if you experience an error when launching QuickBooks!
Quotable Quotes

An economist's guess is liable to be as good as anybody else's.
-Will Rogers 

When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out - because that's what's inside. When you are squeezed, what comes out is what is inside.
- Dr Wayne Dyer

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. 
-Zig Ziglar
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Mario Nowogrodzki, CPA/CITP
From the Desk of...
Deep Diving with QuickBooks
Earlier this summer I was fortunate to travel to the island country of St Kitts & Nevis in the Caribbean.  (Actually it was in May, but "summer" in Florida is a relative term.)  In St Kitts, I took part of a hike deep into the rainforest.  This is one of the few places in the world where the rainforest is actually expanding instead of disappearing.  The middle of the rainforest was home to a beautiful natural spring.  I was the first one of the group to take up our guide's offer to climb and see the source of the spring.  That was even more breathtaking.  Yes, the photo above is from that location, taken by an amateur photographer that came along.  Drinking water directly from the spring was refreshingly delicious; true, others were weary of imbibing from such unknown source, but I never doubted it.

The Caribbean island was also home to beautiful beaches, food, and, most of all, people.  Already knowing some local residents also gave me more insight into their lives, their jobs, their businesses.  Visiting there was a great experience.

St Kitts is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.  Another growing economy in the Caribbean Sea is Curaçao, in the Netherlands Antilles.  This group of islands is home to many burgeoning businesses. That is why Curaçao was chosen as the site for the first QuickBooks conference outside the United States:  "Deep Diving with QuickBooks", September 8th and 9th, 2010.

I am honored to be headlining as the featured speaker at this unique conference.  Topics will include QuickBooks reporting, QuickBooks networking, data file management & troubleshooting, inventory management, QuickBooks Point of Sale & other add-ons, as well as a stump the expert session. 

Intuit is making a presence with several representatives. Among them, BJ Schaknowski, Director of Intuit's Mid-Market Channel Sales & Marketing, will provide the keynote address.  Many thanks to Aubrey Pasial, of CLASS N.V., for putting together this conference; CLASS N.V. is an Intuit Solution Provider in Curaçao.
For more information and to sign up, please contact our office or see the informational flyer and registration form.  It is a great opportunity for individuals and groups to learn advanced QuickBooks topics while enjoying the Caribbean.
Hopefully I will get to wear that very same hiking gear in Curaçao!


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QBESQuickBooks Enterprise

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QuickBooks is the #1 financial management software solution for small and mid-sized businesses, and most importantly, it can save you thousands in up-front and ongoing maintenance costs versus comparable systems.

Your purchase of Enterprise Solutions entitles you to a year of Intuit's Full Service Plan, including the following benefits:
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Founded in 1992, Mendelson Consulting specializes in QuickBooks Solutions and Information Technology consulting services.  In 2008, Mendelson Consulting was recognized with two prestigious distinctions awarded by Accounting Technology magazine: 'Killer VAR', acknowledging our commitment and character as a value-added-reselling (VAR) organization, and 'Technology Pacesetter', recognizing our reputation among peers and participation on advisory boards and speaker panels at industry events.  In 2009, we were recognized as part of Bob Scott's Insights 'VAR Stars' for our accomplishments in mid-market financial software.

We were the first charter member of the Intuit Solutions Provider Program.  Mario Nowogrodzki currently serves on the Intuit Solutions Provider Program Advisory Council--the only consultant in the nation to serve since program inception, for three consecutive terms.