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QuickBooks Tip

The Open Window List feature in QuickBooks is sure to help you work more efficiently.  It is a quick, one-click access to any open QuickBooks window.  This allows you to quickly find features and functions that you were previously using.
You can find the Open Window List on the left side of the program.   If it is not visible, then simply turn it on by clicking VIEW, OPEN WINDOW LIST.   
Another way to view all of the open windows in QuickBooks can be found under the WINDOWS menu.  However, it may require multiple clicks, depending on how many windows are open.
To quickly close all open windows, click CLOSE ALL under the WINDOWS menu.
Quotable Quotes

The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision. You can't blow an uncertain trumpet. 
-Theodore M. Hesburgh
Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions.
-Albert Einstein
Progress involves taking risks. You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first.
-Frederick Wilcox
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Mario Nowogrodzki, CPA/CITP
From the Desk of...
13th Month Discoverer 
This is the last of a series in a discussion on productivity killers.  Here we will talk about handling the same data repeated times unnecessarily.

Perhaps the biggest detractor to productivity is having too many people doing the same things and handling the same information more than once.  This does not mean that information is mishandled or mismanaged, but 'misprocessed' or 'toomanytimesprocessed', to coin a term.  This could take many forms -- from making duplicate (and sometimes triplicate or more) paper copies of the same document for different filing systems to multiple people reviewing information on their own instead of together.  The solution is to implement a central information management system and truly use collaborative computing.

The beginning of such a solution is a centralized server or repository of information, so that different computer users can access the same data, without having to duplicate it for their own particular use.  A central repository can take the form of a network file server or a regular computer set up for file sharing; the latter is recommended only for very small networks.  Beyond an internal server, internet technology can be used to extend the concept beyond the local area network.  Examples are Terminal Servers, Virtual Private Networks, and other commercial web file-sharing services -- including Microsoft Office Live and Google Apps.

Besides multiple users entering the same piece of information more than once in a system, that concept can be scaled down to the individual user.  You want to make sure you implement the right software and use it the right way to ensure that no piece of information would need to be entered more than once -- anywhere, ever.  An example of a single entry point for information is an application such as QuickBooks, where one piece of information (items on a customer quote, for example) should not need to be entered more than once after the initial input.  Using that example, items on a customer quote can be automatically transferred to a customer sales order, then have vendor purchase orders generated for those items automatically, and finally have a customer invoice produced for final billing.  Through that process, the items on the original customer quote were entered only once.  If you see yourself enter something twice, then you're probably not taking advantage of some function or tool available in the software.

So, let information fly solo and... never enter data twice!

Question of the Month

Continuing on the success of last month's new feature -- questions and comments from our readers -- this month we offer a question out of the From the Desk of... article on organization from our February newsletter.

Question MarkWayne Brockney remarked and asked: Great tip on the Google Desktop.  I have used this, but not to the extend that you describe.  How do you get the search to extend into QuickBooks?

Wayne, Google Desktop Search can be available within QuickBooks by enabling it during the QuickBooks installation wizard.  If the Google Desktop option was declined during the QuickBooks install, you're not out of luck.  It can be enabled by simply choosing the QuickBooks Search function from the Edit menu inside the program; that will prompt to install Google Desktop and enable the QuickBooks Search functionality (see screenshot below):

QB Search

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13th Month Introduced by Scientists

...April Fool's Day?

The history of April Fool's Day is uncertain, but it is believed that it began in France in the 16th Century with the reform of the calendar under Charles IX.  The Gregorian Calendar was introduced and New Year's day was moved from March 25 - April 1 (new year's week) to January 1.

Because at the time communication traveled slowly, some people were not informed and others would not accept the change.  These people were labeled 'fools' and pranks were made on them, such as sending invitations to non-existing parties and other practical jokes.

In the most recent development of the 21st Century, after several meetings of great minds, scientists concluded that the measure of time in the Gregorian Calendar is inaccurate.  They have introduced a new month, the 13th month of the year, which is to be named Mendelson in honor of Mario Nowogrodzki, who discovered that Earth takes 13 months to travel around the Sun.
Happy April Fool's Month to everyone!!

Founded in 1992, Mendelson Consulting specializes in QuickBooks Solutions and Information Technology consulting services.  In 2008, Mendelson Consulting was recognized with two prestigious distinctions awarded by Accounting Technology magazine: 'Killer VAR', acknowledging our commitment and character as a value-added-reselling (VAR) organization, and 'Technology Pacesetter', recognizing our reputation among peers and participation on advisory boards and speaker panels at industry events.  In 2009, we were recognized as part of Bob Scott's Insights 'VAR Stars' for our accomplishments in mid-market financial software.

We were the first charter member of the Intuit Solutions Provider Program.  Mario Nowogrodzki currently serves on the Intuit Solutions Provider Program Advisory Council--the only consultant in the nation to serve since program inception, for three consecutive terms.