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QuickBooks Tip

Efficiency is characteristic of QuickBooks. One very efficient way to calculate figures in a field is to use the built-in calculator.  You may know that you can access the Windows calculator under the Edit menu in QuickBooks. However, did you know that you can bring up a calculator within any number field?

Pressing the "=" key while on any number field automatically brings up the calculator and you can use the keyboard 10-key to quickly add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers. When you arrive at the total, simply hit the Enter key to place that number in the field.
Quotable Quotes

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
-Thomas Edison
Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.
-Theodore Roosevelt
It's better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you'll drift in that direction. 
-Warren Buffett
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Mario Nowogrodzki, CPA/CITP
From the Desk of...
Founder and Principal

Outlook for 2010:
January marks Mendelson Consulting's 18th year of existence.  We feel fortunate to have lived and grown to this point.  We owe it all to our valued alliances.  So a big THANKS TO YOU on this occasion.
Among other things, in some cultures an 18th birthday denotes the coming of age, for example, empowering individuals to have a voice in the shaping of elected officials.  Similarly, for a business that began with in the founder's apartment with a humble intention, this coming of age also brings with it something important--celebration of the trust and endorsement from our most esteemed relationships: clients, vendors, and peers.
For 2010, our firm's outlook parallels that of today's economy: careful optimism as we watch the economy rebound.  Because of our involvement working inside and alongside our clients in various industries, we have a pulse on the street and real economic recovery, which I am happy to say we are witnessing in front of our eyes.
To all, a Happy New Year and a greater 2010!
New Year's ClockNew Year's Resolutions...

New Year's is a time to look forward and reflect on the changes we want.  It is an opportunity given every year to each of us to make New Year resolutions.  The trick to make these goals work is:
  • Choose a resolution that is in your heart.  Think of what you really want and why.  The resolution must be specific and made with deliberate intent.
  • Create a plan.  You already know what and why you want the change.  Now focus on how you are going to accomplish the goal.  Set realistic steps, write them down.
  • Remain flexible to keep on track.  It is good to periodically review and adapt the timetables that were set or any steps that are necessary not to lose sight of the goal.
  • How you think is everything.  Think only success; failure is not an alternative.
Success in life is simple.  "New Year's Day is every man's birthday" (Charles Lamb), so let's make those New Year's resolutions become our living resolution for life!
Founded in 1992, Mendelson Consulting specializes in QuickBooks Solutions and Information Technology consulting services.  In 2008, Mendelson Consulting was recognized with two prestigious distinctions awarded by Accounting Technology magazine: 'Killer VAR', acknowledging our commitment and character as a value-added-reselling (VAR) organization, and 'Technology Pacesetter', recognizing our reputation among peers and participation on advisory boards and speaker panels at industry events.

We were the first charter member of the Intuit Solutions Provider Program.  Mario Nowogrodzki currently serves on the Intuit Solutions Provider Program Advisory Council--the only consultant in the nation to serve since program inception, for three consecutive terms.

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