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Clearing The Clutter Before The Holidays  November 2008
 Turkey on TableGreetings!

Thanksgiving is a few days away and as you prepare for the Holiday use the tips in this issue to help you get organized in your home and life.  No matter what you choose, decide today that you will do something to move closer to living an organized life. 
Have a clutter free month!
Recycle Bins America Recycles
Did you know that Americans use more than 67 million tons of paper per year or about 580 pounds per person. With that in mind below are a few tips to help you do your part as America Recycles.   
  1. Purge one box:  Once the box is empty flatten it and recycle it. 
  2. Recycle the outdated phone book.  
  3. Recycle Newspapers and Magazines you don't have time to read.  
  4. Recycle manuals to equipment you no loner own. 
  5. Recycle flyers to events that you have attended.  
Woman With Sale BagsBuy Nothing Day -
Get Organized

The day after Thanksgiving has been designated as Buy Nothing Day.  As you strive to become organized institute your own buy nothing day each month and focus on getting organized.  

 On your buy nothing day, try doing this;
  1. Organize the top of your dresser, the chair covered with clothes or underneath the bed. 
  2. Organize your medicine cabinet and discard expired products. 
  3. Organize your garage so you can park your car there during the next snow storm. 
  4. Organize the junk drawer.   
  5. Organize your family room so you and your family can enjoy more time together without being surrounded by clutter.
Girls in KitchenClear Out Your Refrigerator
As you prepare for the family dinners take some time to organize your refrigerator to ensure you will have room to hold those wonderful leftovers. 
  • Just like your closet start the project by purging or throwing items out that have expired and have not been used. 
  • Group like items together ( fruits, dairy products, beverages).  
  • Use a magnetic memo organizer to list items that you need to add to your weekly grocery list.
  • Purchase space saving beverage containers ( bottles that fit in the doors and cartons that fit on shelves) .
  • Use a lazy susan to maxmize shelf space. 
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Buy Nothing Day-Get Organized
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