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Volume 12 Issue 9 November 2008
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Stress Free Holiday Season
Organize Your Life-Show
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54% of Americans are concerned about the level of stress in their everyday lives.

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I am hearing the same message from many of you that you are feeling the pressures of stress.  For some it may be what is being said about our ecomony but for many it is taking on too much and not learning how to priortize in both your business and personal life.  I learned a valuable lesson a few years ago when my blood pressure was so high I was close to having a stroke.  I vowed never to let that happen again and have learned to let go.
Use the tips in this issue to learn ways to have a stress free holiday season and implement them in the coming year.
Stress Free Holiday Season 
We are entering the holiday season and no matter what type of event is on your calendar below are tips to help you handle stressful situations and better manage your time and yourself. 

1) Get Organized: Set-up systems to keep your files and projects in order.
2) Manage your time: Make sure you put all appointments both business and personal in your calendar, Palm, Smart Phone.  
3) Make Lists: Don't try and remember every detail. Get in the habit of writing things down.
4) Prioritze Task: Realize that if your to-do list has 30 items prioritze your list so the top five are your focus for the day.    
5) Learn To Say No: If your goal is to spend more qauilty time alone with your family don't say yes to every business invitation that comes your way.
Organize Your Life-Radio Show 
 MicrophoneListen to or downlooad this month's segment of Organize Your Life.  My topic will be "Getting Organized Before the Holidays". I will be sharing tips to help you get organized before, during and after the holidays.  Click the link below for show times and to listen to previous shows. 

Admin Area With Lynn 

Computer and coffeeThe K.I.S.S. Method
K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) is a method I use in my everyday life to keep things as stress-free as possible. Here are a few tips to help KISS your stress away.  
  • Check email and phone messages twice a day. This cuts down on responding to every request and allows for more productivity with planned tasks.
  • Take a lunch break. Working through lunch doesn't always get the job done.  Taking a break and returning to work more refreshed can be a huge benefit to your work and a big stress reliever.

Sometimes the simple things in life help us keep it all together. Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Visit Lynn Edwards of Virtual Excellence Business Solutions, LLC for more administrative tips.

Until next time remember to clear your desk at the end of your day and work week. 

Janet M. Taylor
Totally Organized, LLC 



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