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June 2008 - Vol. 12, Issue 6
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goalsWe are now in the sixth month and what are you doing to move closer to your goals?  It takes more than making the list and scheduling time in your calendar.  It's time to become proactive and take the necessary steps to make changes in your life.  I talk with people all the time that want change but don't want to take the actions needed to move them closer to achieving their goals.  There was a time when I put pride aside and called a friend that was successful in managing her finances and signed up for her program.  As a result of my actions I am more in control of my finances and life. 

Organized for Success

key to successAs a coach I tell my clients that as the visionary for their life to look at the big picture and make plans regularly to move closer to their goals.  If you are an employee, entrepreneur, board member, spouse or parent do an activity at least once a week to move closer to the vision you have for your life.  With some discipline, organization and time management I guarantee that you will be on your way to achieving your goals.
Below is advice I give clients to help them be "Organized For Success": 

  1. Develop a support team. You are one person with many tasks that need to be accomplished.  By developing a team to support you, more will be accomplished in less time.  Remember it takes a team to make things happen.
  2. Make time for long-term projects. Schedule uninterrupted time to focus on writing your book, developing new training materials or inventing a new product.
  3. Get Organized!  Develop systems to organize client information, project files and business documents so you can be more effective and efficient at work.
  4. Establish a relationship with a mentor.  Become a protégé and learn the skills needed to successfully achieve your goals.
  5. Continue to learn.  Read books, attend seminars and listen to tapes that will enhance both your professional and personal life. I regularly read books that help me eat healthier, build better relationships, enhance my leadership skills and better manage my money.
The Admin Area with Lynn 
Success with your Assistant 
Building an effective team is extremely important to your success.  As an assistant to coaches, ministers, entrepreneurs and executives, my experience has shown me that one of the most important persons you need on your team is the one who will work closest to you; Your Assistant!  In order to stay on target and ultimately accomplish your goals here a few tips toward gaining the perfect assistant for you.
woman writing
  • Select a thinker.  Choose an assistant who is not just task oriented but who has great ideas to bring to the table.  A good assistants' goal is to always make you look good. Someone who is thinking ahead will definitely do just that.
  • Select someone who is organized.  Imagine your office in complete order.  The right assistant may not get it in complete order with you in it, but will definitely enhance your systems and protocols getting you closer to your goals.  
  • Select someone who is diverse.  If your assistant knows a little marketing, a little accounting, a little web design chances are they know experts in those fields. With that knowledge they will be able to produce quality work and save you time and money.
 Your success is important, but you will only be as successful as those first-rate people in your circle.  Get a good assistant!
Visit Lynn for more administrative tips to get you organized, on track and moving forward in your business. 
Get Organized On The Go


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