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Getting Organized at Home and on the Road June 2008

Staying organized takes discipline, and when you add your car to the list, it becomes a matter of managing yourself so you can effectively manage your time and the things you need to accomplish. 
In this issue are tips that will help you better manage your important documents and keep your car in order so you and your family can enjoy the benefits of being organized.
Have a clutter free month!
Pile  Keeping Your Papers in Order
When I conduct workshops I am usually asked, what do I need to keep?  Below is a list of items you need to keep and where they should be kept. 
  1. Lawyer:  Wills, Trusts documents, Power of Attorney and other legal documents be sure to keep a copy for yourself.
  2. Safe Deposit/Fire Proof Box: Birth Certificate, Naturalization Papers, Marriage Certificate, Adoption Papers, Deed for properties and Title to car, Investments Documents.
  3. Home Filing Cabinet : 2-3 years worth of Tax returns, warranties, Bank/Financial Statements, Bills, Credit Information, Insurance Information.
  4. Family Archive:  Older tax returns, financial documents, school papers, etc (these documents are usually stored in a basement or attic).
  5. CD/Memory Stick:  Scan all important legal and personal documents to ensure you have a back-up.
garage Managing Your Time to Manage Your Projects

Spring has sprung and you have vowed to get organized.  The tips below will help you get started no matter if you have decided to organize the garage, attic or closet. 

  1. Set your goal. I want my garage organized so the car does not have to spend one more winter covered in snow.
  2. Set a deadline. I want the garage organized by September 30th.
  3. Set a start date. I will start my project the Saturday after Joe's graduation.
  4. Develop your plan. Decide where items will be placed, get supplies ( boxes, bags), decide if items you no longer want will be donated or sold.
Round up your support team. Ask for help from family and friends to get the job done and help you stay focused.
Organized CarCar Organizing 101
As you spend more time outdoors and on the road use the below tips to keep your car organized:  
  • Organize all the items you need as a driver for easier access; maps (if you don't have a GPS System), guide books, change for tolls.
  • Have a first aid kit fully supplied.
  • Group items related to sports and outdoor activities together.
  • Keep umbrellas, tissues, comfortable shoes in a container.
  • Organize CD's in a CD Visor.
In This Issue
Keeping Your Papers in Order
Managing Your Time to Manage Your Projects
Car Organizing 101
Totally Organized Living Off for the Summer
Our Publication will be off for the summer but will be back in full force in September.
Have a safe and organized summer!
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