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April 2008
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Spring is here and now the focus is on "Spring Cleaning". I spent time today getting rid of stuff in my home (photos of myself from over 20 years ago that I never liked) and my life (papers from the organization were I am no longer a member). It feels good.

As you work through your piles, remember that with each item you let go of, you are not only creating space in your home but in your life.

Have a clutter free month!

Restoring Order To Your Home
Clothes on hangers

Organize Your Files Week is celebrated this month and below are tips to help you keep your personal paperwork in order.

  1. Purge filing cabinet yearly to make room for current information
  2. Create a file for important documents ( passports, birth certificates)
  3. Clearly label and alphabetize all files
  4. Schedule time to file weekly
  5. Develop a system to organize tax related receipts.

Making The Most Of Your Time
clock 5 minutes

During National TV-Free week, use the time to tackle a project or two on your to-do list by spending time:

  • Reducing your "to shred" pile
  • Purging one box or container that you have not opened in over a year
  • Sorting and organizing photos
  • Organizing your purse

Don't Stress Out!
Woman in stress

What causes you stress? Do you get frustrated when you waste time looking for something you know you have? Use the tips below to get organized and reduce the stress in your life:

  1. Use a utensil organizer for tools (screw drivers, wrenches, etc.)
  2. Use clear plastic shoe boxes to keep bagged frozen foods organized in freezer
  3. Store your cords/charger for your cell phone, IPOD, PDA in a clear storage box
  4. Place a hook near an entrance for your keys
  5. Develop a system for all incoming mail by using a basket or decorative box

Let Us Help You Get Organized!
to team

Are you ready to organize an area of your home? Have you decided that you need a bigger closet? Let us help you get organized.

The Totally Organized Team is dedicated to providing you with expert consultants that will help you conquer your clutter and design a closet that is customized to met your needs.

Contact us and discover why our clients leave the details to us.

Please continue to email me your questions and keep me updated on your organizing projects. I enjoy receiving your emails.

Janet M. Taylor (Ms. Totally Organized)

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