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Conquering Post Conference Clutter
The Admin Area with Lynn
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The first quarter is behind us and for some of you, like it was for me, it was busy.  In all that we do, we must continue to maintain order in our workspace. 
This month I talk about a subject that everyone in business has had to deal with, "Post Conference Clutter".  Some of you have this clutter in your offices and for those of you who work out of your home, this clutter has probably made it's way into your bedroom.   I provide tips in this issue to help you tackle those piles and regain your space.

Conquering Post-Conference Clutter


clock 5 minutesWe have a business conference to attend.  We have selected our workshops and scheduled time to visit the expo to see the vendors.  We even get excited because as when enter the expo we receive a free tote bag.  Once entering the expo we fill that bag with brochures, information and cute give-a-ways we feel that we cannot live without.   All that changes once we get home because that tote bag it placed in a corner or under a desk never to be touched again. 

Below are tips that will help you reduce and eliminate the post conference clutter.

  1. Schedule time when you return to go through bag.
  2. Be honest with yourself and toss information you will never use.
  3. Develop a system to organize information you keep (potential funding sources, potential partners, marketing consultants).
  4. Develop time in your schedule to follow-up with contacts you have made.
  5. Don't be afraid to toss the bag.  Will you or someone you know use the tote?  If not toss it.
The Admin Area with Lynn 
 woman writingAfter pulling off a well planned, well executed conference that everyone attended,the aftermath can be just as important. Here are a few tips to get you prepared to do it again.
  • Avoid the paper pile-up in your office by establishing an impeccable filing system.
  • Schedule your post conference debriefing meeting to discuss the hi's and low's of your event.  Document the details to maximize your success and to avoid problems for your next event.
  • Make additions to your database with names from your late registrants right away. 
  • Pack-up, label and securely store your conference materials (i.e. pens, pads, relevant handouts) for easy access when planning the next event. 

Visit Lynn for more administrative tips to get you organized, on track and moving forward in your business. 

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