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March 2008
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You are juggling family, work and church/community obligations and feel there is never enough time nor do you have the energy to conquer the clutter. I am here to tell you, you are not alone. I became so focused on servicing clients that when I arrived home I barely had energy to cook dinner. After several weeks of the same routine, I decided it was time to take care of Janet and regain order in my home and life. I cannot begin to share with you how energized I feel. I believe it has opened my life for new opportunities.

As you look at the piles in your home begin to rid your life of the stuff that is blocking new opportunities from entering your life.

Have a clutter free month!

Conquering Paper Clutter

The 3rd week in March is Clutter Awareness Week. There are small things we can do each and every day to conquer the mounds of paper that enter our home and life. Below are a few tips I use to help conquer the paper clutter in my home.

  1. If you received a bill twice due to a computer error (it has happened to me) keep only one copy and shred the other.
  2. Discarded the manual from the cell phone you no longer use.
  3. Replace the new Privacy Statement from the bank and toss the older version.
  4. Open mailed, verify account balance and file statement in file.
  5. Discard flyers from events that have past and coupons that have expired.

Making The Most Of Your Time

It does not take much effort to stay organized, it takes a commitment and the discipline to strive for a clutter free home. Below are things you can do that will require minimal time and energy for you to maintain order.

  1. Put clothes and shoes away you decided not to wear.
  2. Schedule time daily to read magazines you subscribe to and books you have brought.
  3. Schedule time regularly to open mail, pay bills and file documents you need to keep.
  4. Designate a time to shred documents with personal information you want to toss.
  5. When you take something out to use, once you are done put it back where it belongs.

Bedroom Organizing

Our bedrooms need to be a place to rest and be rejuvenated and not a place where you are surrounded by clutter. Below are small tasks you can do to conquer the clutter.

  1. Go through your jewelry box and decide is it necessary to keep the watch that has not worked in 5 years and the earring whose match you lost 2 years ago?
  2. Decide to donate those shoes ( no matter how cute) to someone who can actually wear them all night long without feeling like their feet are throbbing in pain.
  3. Realize that the dress that has been hanging in your closet for over 7 years should be donated.
  4. You walked pass the store and saw an item you had to buy, now it is time to take it out of the bag and hang it up.
  5. To eliminate clutter on your nightstands, only place the 5 following items on it 1) Bible/Book 2) Lamp 3) CD Player/Clock 4) Photo 5) Phone.

Let Us Help You Get Organized!
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Are you ready to organize an area of your home? Have you decided that you need a bigger closet? Let us help you get organized.

The Totally Organized Team is dedicated to providing you with expert consultants that will help you conquer your clutter and design a closet that is customized to met your needs.

Contact us and discover why our clients leave the details to us.

Please continue to email me your questions and keep me updated on your organizing projects. I enjoy receiving your emails.

Janet M. Taylor (Ms. Totally Organized)

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