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March 2008 - Vol. 12, Issue 3
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The Organized Home-Office
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Tech Tips From Anita
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A messy workspace (whether downtown or down the hall) reduces the needed space to work effectively and affects your creativity. 
The 2nd Tuesday in March is Organize Your Home Office Day.  This issue includes tips to help you organize your home-office so that you can run your business, your home and life more efficiently.
The Organized Home-Office
bulletin board1) Develop a system near the entrance of your home or in your home office for incoming mail. A small file box with file folders representing each
family member or letter trays designated for incoming mail will help to keep track of mail.
2) Keep business and personal files and receipts separate. Color-coding ( blue-business, purple-personal) may help you distinguish information. 
3) Use drawer organizers to keep items in your desk drawers organized and accessible.
4) Develop systems to track business and personal projects by using desktop organizers and filing carts. Use Bulletin Boards or Whiteboards as visual reminders for projects.
5) Schedule interrupted time regularly to open mail, file statements and receipts to maintain order in your home office.
Let The Totally Organized Team Manage Your Life!
We can assist you as an entrepreneur or corporate executive in both your personal and professional life to save you time. The Totally Organized Team is dedicated to providing you with superior service when organizing your office, managing your project, meeting or event.
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Tech Tips From Anita
Use technology to assist you in maintaining order in your home-office.

1. Use multipurpose equipment (fax, scanner, printer) to maximize space.
2. Establish reliable procedures to back up your data.
3. Upgrade to a wireless network to maximize your efficiency. 
4. Utilize software to track expenses, account balances and contact information for clients, family and friends.
Listen to more Tech Tidbits from Anita.
Get Organized On The Go


Download our Organize Your Life Radio Show "voted favorite radio show" and listen to tips that will help you get your life in order. Our topic discussion this month will be "Organizing Your Tax Related Paperwork".
Start each day with a clear desk and clear mind.
Janet M. Taylor
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