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2012 Marketer of the Year: Donna Erbs


Donna Erbs, Marketing Director, Anders Minkler & Diehl LLP, was recently named Marketer of the Year at the 2012 Association for Accounting Marketing Conference.


During our Capstone Conversation Donna shared her thoughts about the challenges of marketing CPA firms, the keys to her success, advice for partners and marketers, and how she earned her managing partner's comment, "I defer to Donna."


How can marketers be more strategic? 


Donna Erbs:  When I joined AMD in 2004, it was in the middle of tax season and they basically put me in this office and said, "Tell us what you think. We will talk to you on April 16th." So by that time, I had been in marketing for 20 years, so I really thought that they wanted to know what I thought. I went through all of their stuff and I came out with pages and pages of things that we needed to change, and being a confident marketer, I presented this in this lovely PowerPoint and they were shocked because they really wanted me to tell them what they were doing was wonderful.  

Capstone Marketing Wins Another


Capstone Marketing, in conjunction with Jude Lindquist of Working Design and Janet Reed of See Janet Reed. See Janet Write., won an AAM-MAA in the category of Brochures-Firms Under 75 Professionals at the 2012 Association for Accounting Marketing Summit. Our winning entry was for a series of brochures for CBM, a Bethesda, Maryland based full service CPA and business advisory firm.
To see the entire brochure series and learn about the Brand Surgery process click here. 

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