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Real Results Group NewsletterJune 2012
West Will Be Best!


Vancouver Skyline

Ozzie Jurock looks at the many factors that point to a power shift moving from east to west.


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May Real Estate Board Stats.

Marketing Stats

The number of properties listed for sale continued to increase in the Greater Vancouver housing market in May. The number of sales decreased year over year, but remained relatively constant compared to recent months. The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residential property sales in Greater Vancouver reached.......


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Mortgage Rates Continue To Stay Low.


house with arrow

Canadian fixed mortgage rates continue to stay at record lows. The Bank of Canada was forced to keep its overnight rate at 1%(bank prime 3%) on the last announcement June 5th. It acknowledged the....... 


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Little Chance of Real Estate Crash in Vancouver.

 Real Estate Bubble

Vancouver and Toronto home prices will probably experience a relatively mild downturn - of about 15 per cent - in two to three years, but not the dramatic drop that hit the United States a few years ago, according to a report by the Toronto-Dominion banking group.


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Banks Go On Appraisal Alert In A Volatile Housing Market.

 Bank Approval

Lenders use a variety of techniques, including full appraisals, so-called "drive-by" appraisals based on the exterior of the home, and databases of market prices, to evaluate homes. The values they arrive at.....



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Question and Answer

 Question and Answer

What's the benefit of taking a 10 year mortgage term vs a 5 year term?

Currently, with the 10 year term rates below even "low" average historical 5year rates, there can potentially be some big savings. The total cost..... 


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