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Real Results Group NewsletterMarch 2012
B.C tax moves cut cost of newly-built homes.


New Build HomeBuyers of newly built homes are getting a couple of new breaks, courtesy of the provincial government...




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February Real Estate Board Stats.

Marketing StatsCloser alignment between home buyer and seller activity helped bring greater balance to the Greater Vancouver housing market in February......


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What you need to know about buying U.S. real estate.


house with arrow

The financial crisis that began in 2007 with the breakdown of the U.S. residential mortgage market still persists for millions of Americans who have lost their houses, their jobs and all hope of a secure retirement...

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The Year Ahead.

 Housing Bubble

The Year Ahead by Ozzie Jurock, one of RRG's favourite and most respected prognosticators......





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Bank regulator moves on mortgages.

 Housing Growth

Canada's bank regulator is looking at instituting new rules to ensure that banks know enough about borrowers before giving them a mortgage...



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Question and Answer

 Question and Answer

I'm hearing a lot about the upcoming legislated requirement for all stratas to create "Depreciation Reports" and that these will result in higher fees. What's the story? 

The general reason that these regulations have been introduced is to standardize how stratas budget and pay for long term inevitable expenses such as roofs, plumbing...... 


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