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Real Results Group NewsletterApril 2011
Welcome Our Newest Team Members!

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The Real Results group is proud to announce that Alan Muchantef (aka Alan M) and Brendan Penny  have joined our team. We are excited to have them on board and they look forward to helping you with any of your real estate needs. Please click on their names to get to know them better. 

Canadians under 35 most intent on buying home.

SuburbsCanadians ages 18 to 34 are the most keen to buy a house next year, according to a new survey....


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Bank of Canada maintains overnight interest rates.


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Bank of Canada announced yesterday, it will maintain the overnight interest rate at 1% which is a 3% bank prime rate. The key indicators for the rate hold were strong Canadian economic recovery, the soaring loonie, global economic challenges and the disaster in Japan. There is also indication that the bank will not raise rates at the next meeting on May 31, instead it will be more likely to occur in July or September when the bank meets. This is great news for all you variable mortgage holders.


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Top 25 Grants and Rebates for Property Buyers and Owners.

 Mortgage Rates

Great article outlining available Grants and Rebates that are available to homeowners so you can be sure you are getting all the grants that are available. 




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Question and Answer

 Question and Answer

I'm a Buyer and I've heard mixed information about whether it's free to use an agent or not. Please explain.


The common perception seems to be that a buyer's agent works for free for their cloient or is paid from the fees paide by the seller to their agent..... 


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Thanks for the  Referral!


Your Referrals Are Driving Our Business!


Special thanks this month to:


Lisa B.

Elsie N.

Joe W.

Byran P. 



We are a group of like minded real estate professionals who through a deep commitment to our clients, each other, and our profession have created a powerful, knowledgeable, and ethical team with industry-leading standards of professionalism and client care. Our primary objective is to serve our clients needs and objectives through our ability to facilitate ease within the real estate process in any market or economy.


Bret, Eric, Peter, Alan M , Brendan and Tara

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