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Come celebrate with us and participate in a FREE 2 hour class from 1pm to 3pm.  We'll start off with some rituals ancient and meaningful to the yoga practice, and then move into a 90 minute flow.  Stick around after to mingle with our new community over refreshments.  Reserve your spot today as space is limited!

Note from VEERA's Founder

Since my son, Arjun was born about 14 months ago, he has been my most impactful yoga teacher.  He constantly reminds me of the benefits of being present, slowing down and enjoying the newness of things.   When I'm not present, it is impossible to get him to pay attention, when I'm in a rush, he's cranky and while I take things for granted, he's squealing with joy at all of the new experiences he's having. 

 As VEERA begins its journey, I hope to enjoy every moment of this dream come true.  While I might not do it with the high pitched shrills that are often heard around my house, I intend to treasure the joy that comes with all that is new.  Lately, this lesson has spilled over into my yoga practice as I try to stay present with each pose rather than reverting to just doing it the way I always have.  Paying attention to each part of my body and really feeling the pose has allowed me to experience a newness of each posture, even when I may have done it thousands of times before.  I invite you to feel the newness of things that you might do on a daily basis, each time you do them just by paying attention to the way you and your body feel, each time you do them.  You might even want to try this the next time you come to class.

See you soon!
Gangotri- VEERA Founder

Gangotri in triangle 


Karuna means compassion in Sanskrit.  This area of our newsletter is dedicated to compassionate acts within our community.



When a compassionate passerby first saw Edwin, he was all by himself in a small muddy pen, where he was lonely and uncomfortable.  Worried for the young animal's well-being, the kind woman approached the property owner, who admitted he was apprehensive about slaughtering Edwin (which had been his plan) and said he would relinquish him if a home could be found right away.  Enamored by the small steer with doe eyes, his rescuer quickly reached out to the Farm Sanctuary to see if they could help, and they happily agreed.  With the attentive care he receives at the California shelter in Orland, Edwin now has the happy life he was always meant to live - romping through the pastures with his new best friend Whitaker, with whom he spends every moment of every day.

Edwin's sweet and outgoing personality captured our heart when we went to visit the sanctuary, so we adopted him!  Look out for future trips planned to visit our lovable friend.  

Compassion from the Sevak Team


Our very own Lisa Tseu has been teaching yoga the past three months at the Saint John's Women's Shelter.  She describes her experiences with these incredible women: 

'I have about ten women each week showing up to do yoga in their jeans in the shelter cafeteria. Some taking it seriously but most taking the 45 minutes to relax have fun and connect with each other. The first time I taught at the shelter, I really tried to teach them an asana flow. They went through the poses as best they could but I realized it wasn't very fun for them or me, and we were very separate. The next time I went, I told myself "Be authentic and just see what comes." I brought music, we did a light flow, and then they told me they wanted their "bootie and bellies" to get a workout. We spent 45 minutes laughing, singing and sharing stories through their practice. Each week I am grateful to practice opening my heart, being authentic and sharing yoga on any and all levels it is received.  The human element is so incredible when judgment and backgrounds are removed. The ability to connect and share from the heart is so powerful, even when our daily lives are so different.'


Tristina spent the month of September volunteering time to teach a weekly yoga class to preschoolers in Folsom!  While the format of the class is uniquely different for children, the principles remain the same.  Yoga simply asks that you show up, begin where you are today, and strive through consistent effort to find your best self.  

We can all draw inspiration from the attitudes of these little yogis.  Children live completely in the moment.  They are completely willing to try everything, with an openness free of any fear or hesitation.  Their minds are not yet cluttered with wondering what others will think.  If they fall, they giggle and jump right back up to try again.  Next time you find yourself on your mat, try to embody that enthusiasm and precious innocence of a just might be amazed at the difference it makes in your practice!

30 DAYS of YOGA for $39
New Students enjoy 30 consecutive days of unlimited yoga for just $39!  Come as much as you like during this introductory period. It's a great opportunity to experience different teachers and the impact of yoga on your life.


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Sevak means servant in Sanskrit.  We call our staff our Sevak Team as we are here to serve and ensure that you get the most out of your VEERA experience. 


Meet Sevak Wendy!

wendy on beach
I had a fellow teacher and friend once tell me that 'we teach for ourselves, and we practice for our students.' I had to stop and consider this, as it seems counter-intuitive. But upon further reflection, and years of teaching and practicing yoga, I see how true this is. Some of the greatest lessons I've learned about myself, my life, and the world we live in, have come from my students, their stories, and how much they've inspired and motivated me OFF the mat. Conversely when I come to the mat to practice, I've learned  about my own path, how to grow as a person and teacher, in order to better serve my students and the world at large.  


We all experience adversity; in life there is good and bad. One of the greatest lessons that I have learned from practicing and teaching yoga, is that we are more alike than different, regardless of race, gender, culture, economic status. On the mat we are equal.

- Wendy Devore


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