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Make a Donation                                                                                                           June 1, 2012

Yote Comes Home


Yote greets Susan
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"We have a dog who has been caught in a Coyote trap here."  Almost a year and a half ago we received an emergency call from our vet about a dog found in a Coyote trap in the woods in Cuthbert, GA.  Of course we said we would help her.  She was admitted and we named her Yote (for Coyote).  She was beautiful and with a sweet, mild mannered disposition.  Fortunately, her leg was not broken. 


We took her home to recuperate .  We wrote YOTE on her collar in permanent marker. The next day when we returned from a transport Yote was gone. We looked and looked and thought she would be easy to find with her unusual coloring.


Candice, not Yote
Candice, not Yote 
We never gave up.A few months later we were passing the bank and I screamed "STOP THE CAR!  IT'S YOTE!" I jumped out of the car and hollered "YOTE!"  She came to me and off we went home with Yote in my lap. I was so happy.


Yote looked a little chunky. Strange for a dog on the run!  A few days later a woman approached me in the yard and smiled sweetly, "I'm told you have my dog", she said. When Yote heard her voice she came outside and the woman said, "Oh, my Candice! There you are!"  Yote - er, Candice began to wag her tail, then her whole body and then started barking for her lady.


Not Yote.  We continued to look everywhere. We'd see lots of dogs who looked like Yote but it always ended in disappointment.   


Yesterday, after a year and a half, a man came to the door and told me he was moving in two weeks and could we take the dog who had taken up at his house last year.  He started describing her and the more he said, the more I thought it could be our Yote.  I asked if she had a collar and he said "Yes, and some writing on it that looked like "YATE".  So that's what they called her, Yate. "She's had two litters of pups and one puppy is still with her".

Yote with her 4 month old Charlie


Yote with her children
Yote with her kids

 Yote has been happy there with nine children to love and freedom to wander wherever she wanted.  It's going to be hard for her to lose these children and her freedom.  But it has to be.  So we're looking for a big, loving family with several children and a huge yard for her.  Help make this a happy story for Yote.  Please contact us if you'd like to adopt or rescue Yote and Charlie and get them into another big family with kids to love.  


Yote will have to start over at the vet.  She will have to have a Heartworm test and treatment if needed.  She and Charlie will be vaccinated, wormed, and sterilized.  


What we do - Rescue, Rehabilitate, Relocate.

It takes money. Won't you donate?  


(We spent over $59,000 to save and care for our dogs last year.
Your donations made that possible. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.)

(All donations go directly to the care of the animals. Staff is all volunteer and receive no salary. On the rare occasion one dog receives more than the amount of his or her bill, the overage is applied for some of our other dogs who get no donations whatsoever.)

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Thank you for all you do to help us help them!

Susan Hayley, Director
Angel Dog Rescue, Inc.
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Georgetown, GA 39854