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September 15 2011


Run over, unable to drag herself to safety!
Precious with Dr Melissa 
We knew her injuries were extensive and severe. We are asking for your help with her surgery. Please make an emergency contribution below.
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Precious's Story
The Rescue: Cathy saw her on the side of a four-lane state highway down town.  Her head was up and she was alert.  Cars whizzed past as she lay watching, terrified but unable to move.  Cathy couldn't stand to pass her by, so she stopped. "That precious puppy wagged her little tail when she saw me coming to help her.  she seemed so grateful." 


Cathy called Angel Dog Rescue.  Even though we were full, we could not turn her away... not a puppy this desperate for help.  She could not move her rear except to wag the end of her tail.  She should have been screaming in pain, but didn't seem to feel anything except confusion.  My heart sank.  Could she be paralized?
Precious in temp cast
Temporary cast stabalizes Precious for two-hour drive to specialist. 


Veterinary Exam: Dr. Melissa knew immediately that both back legs were badly broken.  But she was not paralyzed.  She would have to be sedated for x-rays, so she was admitted overnight.  X-rays confirmed that both legs were severely broken; broken completely in two.  There could be damage to her hips as well.


The damage was so extensive that our vets did not feel comfortable doing the surgeries.  Precious was referred to Dr. Robert Martin, a surgical specialist in Dothan, AL.  Dr. Melissa
put her in a temporary, soft cast (left) to keep her stabalized for the trip to Dothan.  Dr. Martin wanted her brought in without delay. 







 Precious Admitted to Specialist: Dr. Martin explained to us in detail, Precious's injuries and the surgical procedure. 


Dr. Martin is offering us a generous rescue discount, as he has in the past.  But even with the discount the surgery is going to be expensive; The estimate was over $1,600.00.


We went home to wait and pray.


After the surgery: Precious was brought out wearing a head shield.  So she couldn't see us. Watch the video below as she realizes we were there for her. Her incisions, which were stapled, ran all down both hips and thighs.  It was a very neat job. 
[The pins will stay inside her thigh bones.  Dr. martin elected not to operate on the pelvic fractures because these were non-weight-bearing fractures.  They should heal on their own with proper therapy, if her activity is controlled during rehabilitation.] 


Watch the video [ ] of Precious after her surgery; then please make an emergency contribution.      


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Precious's bill for both vets is now $1,812.10.  There will be more; she still needs follow-up visits and x-rays, problem interventions (already had one), spaying, and vaccinations.  
Your donations make it possible for us to rescue and treat abandoned and injured dogs like Precious. (And Yikes! We've just gotten a $600 plus bill for two other dogs who were neutered, vetted and one had Heartworm treatment!) 
Foster Needed:  Precious needs a stay-at-home foater mom in Dothan or Eufaula AL area.  Physical Therapy or other health care background a plus.  Call Susan if you're interested; 334-695-0659.


 [She would have two surgeries, one on each leg.  The surgeries would require stack pinning inside the bone canal and wiring the shaft.  Dr. martin would evaluate the extent of other pelvic fractures then (ishial, pubic and sacral).  The prognosis for Precious is favorable in the long term.]

(All donated moneys are used for the care of the dogs. On the rare occasion one dog receives more than the amount of his or her bill, the overage is applied for some of our other dogs who get no donations whatsoever).


Rescue, Rehabilitate, Relocate:

It's what we do. 

Tax deductible contributions can be made safely through the paypal link. Or send a check to the address below.  Or by credit card paid directly to our primary vet: 229-732-2215.



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