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March 18, 2011



if weDumped and lost far from home,
Hit by a vehicle, leg broken and twisted,
Alone, afraid and hungry, 
With human trust destroyed,
Spanky endured weeks of pain in the thicket.
Spanky before surgery


                           Spanky's leg had to be amputated immediately AND he has Heartworms. 
                           We are asking for your help with his surgery and HW treatment by donating.


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Spanky's story
The Rescue: We first saw him beside the highway out in the country.  His broken leg was so twisted we could tell it was bad even from a distance.  He hobbled into the underbrush when we turned into the dirt road.  When we got out to call him and offer food, he hid.  Clearly, it was going to take a trap, so we went back to Georgetown and got one.  We needed to get him to the vet before the break started healing if we were to save his leg.  We made the trip at least twice a day to check on him.  
Day after day went by with no luck and no more sightings.  He must be really afraid of people.   Finally after about a week we lucked out and found him in the trap.  When we walked up to him in the trap, he wagged his tail.  We never know at this point if a dog is going to be angry, scared or relieved.  So we were very careful getting him transferred to a carrier.  But he just kept wagging his tail as he whimpered his pain. 
 Edna comforts Spanky 






Edna comforts him after his capture.  She named him Spanky because he kept banging his tail in his joy of being helped.  (Seeing fear of humans turn to trust is one of the greatest joys of rescue.)  We called the vet to let them know we had an incoming wounded emergency.  

Veterinary Exam:  When we got there, they took him back immediately.  After the exam and x-rays Dr Todd said the break was several weeks old and his leg couldnt be saved.  Tests were run, showing he had Heartworms, but was OK for surgery.  We already knew his leg would have to be amputated.  After so many amputations recently, you'd think we would get used to it.   
Dr Todd wanted to do everything at once to get the pain over with.  He was neutered and Heartworm treatment started while he was anesthetized for the amputation.  The last picture is Spanky three days after surgery.  He was still in some pain, but doing well.  
Spanky Collage
Spanky after surgery (Left).  Three days later (Right), he is still in some pain, but much better.
Update:  Spanky captured the hearts of the whole vet staff with his sweet disposition and his tail wagging greetings.  One of the vet techs is going to foster him.  That is perfect because the critical part of his heartworm treatment is the after-care recovery. 


Spanky's vet bill is over $800.00.  Please help us help him by donating.




(Note: All donated moneys are used for the care of the dogs. On the rare occasion one dog receives more than the amount of his or her bill, the overage is applied for some of our other dogs who get no donations whatsoever.)
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Tax deductible contributions can be made safely through the paypal link. Or send a check to the address below.  Or by credit card paid directly to our primary vet: 229-732-2215.



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