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Saturday, November 13, 2010

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With technology being an integral part of Race To The Top, Graphics-Toolbox is the perfect opportunity to integrate curriculum and technology. Give ALL of your students the tools they need to reach their potential, meet high expectations, comprehend material at a deeper level and learn valuable technology that will make them competitive in our highly visual 21st century workplace.


Give ALL of your students at all learning levels the tools they need to succeed:


        ~   General ED                                                                        

Derek Jeter

          ~   ESL/ELL

          ~   Special Ed

          ~   Enrichment

          ~   Intervention

Students can be helped to reach their full potential, meet high expectations and learn valuable technology that will make them competitive in our highly visual 21st century workplace.


At Great Software Tools we are dedicated to teaching and learning.  Using Graphics-Toolbox software we are helping our teachers develop projects that meet state mandates, assist Spanish speaking students and their families, and simply make learning more fun.



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Educators finding that Graphics-Toolbox is a great hands-on visual learning tool for all students K-12, at all learning levels and across all subjects.  Consider that with Graphics-Toolbox your students can create:

~  Dynamic language arts assignments
~  Visual & learning informative timelines
~  Comprehensive & accurate social studies 
~  Impressive 8th grade Exit Projects
~  Valuable foreign language projects
~  And this is just the beginning...
All kids love technology; working with Graphics-Toolbox not only helps them learn at a deeper level, but also teaches them the skills they need for successful careers in today's competitive economy.
You can learn a lot more at our website:

The projects on the Education page were all created byPoetry Portfolio Image
students. Click here to watch our Education video to see how students are learning more with Graphics-Toolbox.

Budgets may be tighter than ever this year, but

Graphics -Toolbox is a great value at an affordable price and for NYC schools, we are NYSTL approved.  With no licensing fees, once you buy it you own it!  What other software can you buy that will benefit  all your students at all levels of learning? 


For pricing and FAMIS information or any other questions you might have, contact us at or 845-278-4240


Lynda Holler, Founder, Director,      Tel: 845 278-4240 
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