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Great Software Tools, LLC                                                             October 20, 2010         FAMIS# GRE572659
21st Annual Fall Conference for
School Library Personnel

Tuesday ~ November 2, 2010                                          8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m
29 Fort Greene Place - Brooklyn, NY

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Creativity in the Classroom:
 Hands-on, Visual Learning with Graphics-Toolbox

Top educators agree that visual learning excites students and encourages them to express their ideas while learning more in the process. Graphics-Toolbox software is a great K-12 technology tool for teachers and students of all grade levels and abilities, from special needs to enrichment. Graphics-Toolbox helps teachers meet the standards set forth by New York State, while also teaching the students 21st century skills. Join us for this informative workshop. We will be demonstrating how incorporating graphics into the classroom not only enhances the learning process, but also prepares students to be competitive in a highly visual and technological world. Attendees will receive a curriculum-based project and step-by-step guide for use in their classrooms upon returning to their schools.

                Excite Students and Color their Learning
Language Arts                          Science                                         Art & Design
          History                         World Studies                         Geometry

               Music            Health                        Sports                               Clubs
      Adminstrative                   Presentations                              Photo Editing
             Communications                                          Foreign Language
Derek Jeter
Excite students with creative, hands-on technology and they will be eager to learn and express their ideas.
Entice students to learn with the attractive and colorful features of Graphics-Toolbox.
Enhance other curriculum with graphics to make them  more visual and effective.
Expand learning opportunities through differentiation.
Incorporate academic departments to teach Art's color, balance & design composition with other core subjects.
Raise the Bar on presentations, so that children start to create dynamic presentations at a young age and
professional ones by high school. 

Story Quilt 2Teach students that are interested in graphics a marketable skill. By the time seniors graduate they could be prepared to work in a graphics' design career or be inspired to pursue further related  education.
Great for other uses too- If traditional school uses aren't enough, GT doesn't stop there. It  is ideal for yearbooks, newsletters, scrapbooking, greeting cards, photo editing, small businesses and much more.

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Lynda Holler, Founder, Director,      Tel: 845 278-4240 
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