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Great Software Tools, LLC                                                      October 13, 2010         FAMIS# GRE572659
             Creativity                                           Technology
Teach your K-12 students the art elements and principles like line, shape, color, texture and balance using computer graphics.                                                             
Line Face
Join us for an informative session on how students of all ages can use Graphics-Toolbox software to expand their interest, knowledge and skills in art. Participants will gain insight and strategies for developing projects that fulfill art curriculum requirements in this 21st century medium. Ultimately students that use Graphics-Toolbox in art class will be prepared to incorporate what they learn into their academic subjects and enrich their learning opportunities in all subject areas with art.
This workshop is for the diverse personalities and approaches of NYC's art teachers:
*    All K-12 art teachers who wish to meet their curriculum requirements and             introduce a valuable, creative technology to their students.
Tim Warhol *   The elementary art teachers looking to utilize
     technology to help explain and illustrate art's
     elements and principles.
*   The middle school art teachers who want
     to expand their students' knowledge of diverse
     artistic options.
*   The high school art teachers teaching their
     students to incorporate creativity into their diverse
     career choices.
*   Innovative art teachers that want to stimulate
     young artists with fun art technology.
*   Art teachers looking for ideas and new tools to use
     in the classroom, to engage their students and
     renew their enthusiasm for teaching.  
*   Art teachers who crave a definitive place for arts in the school environment
     and want to help their students learn to incorporate creativity into academic  
     subjects too.
*   The art teacher visionary who identifies collaborative, cross-curricular learning
     and the arts as vital in today's global community.
Graphics-Toolbox is affordably priced and NYSTL approved so this great opportunity can enhance your art program without coming from your art budget.
Blueprint Strands: Art Making, Literacy in the Arts, Connections, Community & Cultural Resources, Career & Lifelong Learning
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Lynda Holler, Founder, Director,      Tel: 845 278-4240 
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