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EDUCATION ISSUE: XIII                                                           SEPTEMBER 2010
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HS Crew Award 

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, TOS Crew Award - May 2010


Teaching people to create, learn and have fun with computer graphics. That is our mission here at Great Software Tools. Our vision was rewarded as we were honored with the 2010 Homeschool Crew Seaworthy Award for Best Customer Service from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  We were chosen from more than 75 other companies, and our online tutorials were among the top reasons the crew members recognized Great Software Tools for this award.  Our tutorials take you step-by-step through a variety of useful and inspiring projects, teaching important graphic elements along the way. Even the crew members with minimal computer experience applied their new skills and created projects that they were very proud of. It proved to be an artistic awakening to most - they had never imagined they could edit, recolor, manipulate and transform photos and images to express their personal creativity.


Download a 30-day trial and you'll be ready to start learning and creating with Graphics-Toolbox today! 


2010 Conferences:
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ArtWorks 2010 
 Saturday,October 23
NYCATA/ UFT Art Education Conference
Fiorella H. LaGuardia School of Music & Art & the Performing Arts
100 Amsterdam Avenue (66th Street), NY, NY
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Fall Conference for School Library Personnel
Tuesday, Nov 2nd
21st Century Learning in the Library
Brooklyn Technical High School
29 Fort Greene Place, Brooklyn, NY

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CSA Leadership Conference
Saturday, Nov 13
The Hilton New York
1335 6th Avenue (53rd Street), NY, NY

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As the new school year begins, let us help you:

*  Teach your students to express themselves with valuable 21st
    century technology.
*   Provide effective learning opportunities to special ed and
    ELL  students.
*   Approach intervention with a new creative interface.
*   Entice students to learn and then strive to excel by developing
    pride in their work.
*   Excite students with creative opportunities that they have not had
*   Incorporate Graphics-Toolbox across curriculums to enable 
    comprehension and memory retention.
*   Raise the bar on presentations so that children start to create
    dynamic presentations at a young age and professional-looking 
    ones by high school.
Read below and learn about a new program and project that will stimulate your students. Contact us for questions and pricing. We're ready to help!


Lynda Holler


Fashion Board

Inspire your budding designers; teach them marketable skills; and incorporate valuable academic material in the context of this exciting and creative program.
This Fashion Design program was developed to teach students who are interested in fashion the creative processes and mechanical skills needed to design a fashionable and marketable clothing collection. The program is structured into ten units which takes the budding designers through the same design processes that real designers follow in the industry.
The ten units are as follows:
Designing with Prints
Prints II
Designing a Charitable T-shirt
Designing Silhouettes
Designing Silhouettes II
Combining Bodies and Prints
Compiling Story Boards
Presenting the Collection

Overall, we wish to encourage creativity and to develop fashion design skills while also helping students to build confidence, to be a productive team member and to gain public speaking experience. Core academic content is taught in the context of a fun and focused program. Some of the specific goals of the program are for the students to:
~ Design their own fashion collection as part of a group of creative 
   young designers.
~ Begin to understand the structure of fashion companies.
~ Gain a greater appreciation of color: how it works and how it affects
~ Create their own print collection selecting, resizing and coloring
   to design a dynamic print story in their personal color palettes.
~ Become aware of charitable programs within the fashion industry
   design and produce a graphic t-shirt that supports a charity and
   matches their collection.
~ Design creative yet wearable bodies, and then combine their bodies
   with color and pattern so they can visualize it as a real fashion 
~ Compile an appealing and convincing story board while effectively
   displaying their collection. Present their collection proudly to parents
   and friends in the last unit.
An emphasis is placed on working together as a design team and sharing ideas and suggestions throughout the design process.
The Game Builders Academy Fashion Design Curriculum-In-A-Box™ provides all the materials teachers need to bring this highly engaging program into their classroom. It includes not only our curriculum, but also specific detailed lesson plans, methodologies, step-by-step tutorials, student handouts, in-class discussion ideas, homework suggestions, and exclusive digital libraries and resources.
Some other Game Builders Curriculum-In-A-Box™ products are:
* Video Game Design and Development - Level 1
* Video Game Programming - Level 1
* Starburst™ Video Game Development Grades K-4 
* Robotics - Level 1
3D Modeling and Animation - Level 1
In combination with their Curriculum-In-A-Box™ product line, Game Builders Academy offers its valuable hands-on Train-The-Instructor professional development training service to assist in preparing instructors to teach our GBA programs.
CLICK here to see sample pages from the actual Fashion Design Curriculum Teacher's Manual.
For more information, contact Lynda:
845 278-4240

Summer Timeline

                        What did you do on your summer vacation?
For decades teachers have greeted their students in the fall with this famous question. It is usually posed as a writing topic and the students use this opportunity to introduce themselves, their family and their interests to the teacher and the rest of the class. There is also, historically a certain amount of groaning in reply to the query, since most kids have short memories and imagine that their own summer must pale in comparison to that of their classmates.
Now, look at this sample summer vacation timeline.   It is easy to see why students love to illustrate their lives in Graphics-Toolbox. Using photos and color, they can recreate their special moments and add their own creative flare to the assignment. In the process, they are learning to create timelines which can be useful in future science and social studies projects. Once this timeline is completed, the student can take one event and write about it, sharing more specific details.
There is no end to the creativity that flows from Graphics-Toolbox users. Join us and you'll be ready to answer when the inevitable question comes. 
Over the years, members of our design team have become specialists in creating clean, uncluttered, easy-to-use, yet powerful graphics.  We want to open up the world of color and design to computer users untrained in graphic design, giving them the opportunity to add their own customized graphics into their home and work environments.

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We would like to take the opportunity to thank our readers for taking time out of their busy day to read our newsletter.  We hope it was informative and enjoyable and we look forward to sharing our news, ideas and the creativity of our users in future editions. If you have not purchased Graphics-Toolbox yet, now that summer is here, take some time to download your 30-day trial, work with the tutorial videos and get on board expressing yourself with this powerful graphics software program. Once you learn how to create and control the graphics in your life, the door will open to your imagination and there will be no turning back!
Please feel free to forward this email to your fellow educators. They'll be happy you did!
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