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Education Issue: XII                                                  JUNE 2010
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The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, TOS Crew Award - May 2010


Teaching people to create, learn and have fun with computer graphics. That is our mission here at Great Software Tools. Our vision was rewarded as we were honored with the 2010 Homeschool Crew Seaworthy Award for Best Customer Service from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  We were chosen from more than 75 other companies, and our online tutorials were among the top reasons the crew members recognized Great Software Tools for this award.  Our tutorials take you step-by-step through a variety of useful and inspiring projects, teaching important graphic elements along the way. Even the crew members with minimal computer experience applied their new skills and created projects that they were very proud of. It proved to be an artistic awakening to most - they had never imagined they could edit, recolor, manipulate and transform photos and images to express their personal creativity.


to go directly to our tutorial page and see what everyone is talking about!


a 30-day trail and you'll be ready to start learning and creating with Graphics-Toolbox today! 


CEI-PEA Summer
Leadership Program 2010
July 30, 2010 
IBM Learning Center
Armonk, NY
21st Annual Library
Services Professional
Development Conference
Nov. 2, 2010
Brooklyn Technical H.S.
Fort Green, Brooklyn 
    ArtWorks'10      NYCATA/ UFT
Art Education Conference 
October 23, 2010 
Fiorello H. LaGuardia
High School of the Arts
New York, NY
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As summer vacation is quickly approaching, founder of Graphics-Toolbox Lynda Holler is offering free webinars to teach educators the fundamentals of incorporating Graphics-Toolbox into the classroom.  She will get you started using this easy-to-learn-and-use graphics software program that is sweeping the school systems.  Teachers of students K-12, ESL and special ed to enrichment appreciate the benefits of giving their students the hands-on visual learning opportunities possible with Graphics-Toolbox. This is an offer I am sure you will not want to miss.  See the details below and join us for a priceless opportunity to learn something completely new and rewarding this summer.

For NYC educators, don't forget the new budget is available July 1st. CLICK HERE for price and ordering information. Order soon so we can help you integrate this great learning tool into your fall curriculum.

Please forward this newsletter to colleagues who may be interested in this learning opportunity by using the forward email box at the bottom of the email.

July 6th ~Tuesday ~ 10am - 11am
July 12th ~ Monday ~  10am - 11am 
Join us for one of our
award winning webinars!

We will be using the web conferencing service at www.gotomeeting.com.
This is how it will work:

1. We are limiting the class size to 12 people, so email me at the address below to reserve your space.                              

2. I will email the confirmed attendees the necessary details including a link that will connect them to the meeting.        

3. At the designated time, the attendees will login to the meeting and everyone will be able to watch my screen. The sessions will be interactive and I encourage questions.         

4. I am scheduling 2 sessions to start with, and we will see how many are interested in this opportunity. If there is enough interest we will continue to schedule them throughout the summer, and we can focus on your specific needs and interests as we go along. For instance, after we cover the basics, we could offer sessions that teach how to make posters or diagrams and to show how to add graphics into Word, Excel or PowerPoint. The focus will be whatever the group is the most interested in.

5. The audio through gotomeeting is very good and if you have a headset with a mic on your computer, you can hear and talk directly through the service. If you do not have a headphone, you can use your telephone to call into the meeting as well. These details will be explained in the attendee emails.

6. Since the meeting is limited to 12 people, if you sign up, please plan to attend.  We will accept you on a first come basis and maintain a waiting list in case there are any cancellations.

7. All educators that attend the webinar will receive a 25% academic discount off the price of Graphics-Toolbox software for their personal use, if purchased within 2 weeks of their class.    

 CLICK HERE today if you would like to join me in one of the above webinars. I look forward "meeting" you soon!

Lynda Holler

Great Software Tools
Tel: 845 278-4240
Fax: 845 278-4616
4th Grade Science Fair Project
This month we are featuring an exciting Science Fair Project
that utilizes Graphics-Toolbox to illustrate the findings of
this nine year old.  Parents and classmates alike surrounded the board attracted by the eye catching graphics and then wanted to learn more about his research.
Tim's Brain Project

In doing research for this project I learned that the left part of our body is controlled by the right half of our brain! The left half of our brain controls the right half of our body!

 I think that more people are left brained than right brained because most of the people I know are more right dominant than left dominant. This means they use the left side of their brain a lot and that might mean the person uses their logical side more and their creative side less.



  • A pen/ pencil
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • A cracker
  • A drink
  • A coin
  • A paper towel tube
  • An index card with a hole in it
  • A seashell
  • Testing Left and Right Dominance Quiz
  • Testing Left and Right Brain Quiz


1.  Gave the Testing Left and Right Dominance Quiz to 25 people.

2.  Gave Left and Right Brain Quiz to the same 25 people.

3.  Compared each Left and Right Brain Quiz to the key

4.  Sorted  Left and Right Brain Quizzes into 3 groups  (Left, Right, and Mixed)

5.  Counted how many there were in each group

6.  Wrote Left, Right, or Mixed on each persons Testing Left and Right Dominance Quiz

         7.  Noted how many people in each group were left handed.



After sorting the quizzes, I made many observations:

*  I saw that there was the same amount of people that tested left and right     brained -11 were in each group.

*  3 people were mixed - tested equally left and right brained.

         *  When I highlighted the 5 people that were left handed,

          they were pretty equally divided in each group.

*  People within a family all had different responses

*  The people with the mixed brains were also the people with

    a mixed body left and right dominance.


 The reason left and right brain dominance people tied

 was there are different people in the world and the world

 would be pretty boring if everyone was logical or if everyone

 was creative. In my research I didn't find any comparison

 between left and right brain dominance and left and

 right body dominance.

If you would like to test whether you are LEFT or RIGHT brain dominant quiz CLICK HERE  

Thirteen Celebration PhotoCelebration of Teaching and Learning 2010
New York City,
March 5 & 6, 2010

Over two thousand teachers and administrators circulated the Thirteen Celebration Conference looking for ways to enhance their curriculum and excite their students. All of them found Graphics-Toolbox could do both.

Graphics- Toolbox captured the teachers' attention with the amazing projects that children of all ages created. Immediately after seeing the software, teachers from all subject areas were inspired by the new opportunities Graphics-Toolbox could offer their students and school districts.

Technology was the focus of many seminars at the Conference and on the minds of most of the attendees. Technology used correctly with education is a powerfully effective tool. Our software is easy to learn and use, and students are proud of what they can create with Graphics-Toolbox. These students create better presentations, get better grades and work to higher standards. Pride in their work is the beginning to success for all students, and incorporating Graphics-Toolbox into the learning environment is the first step.

Over the years, members of our design team have become specialists in creating clean, uncluttered, easy-to-use, yet powerful graphics.  We want to open up the world of color and design to computer users untrained in graphic design, giving them the opportunity to add their own customized graphics into their home and work environments.
Try Graphics-Toolbox in your home today! 

For only $149 you can purchase Graphics-Toolbox

or try it FREE for 30 days. 

Follow the links below to get started today.

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