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March 2012

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Join CK-12's FlexBook 2.0 Beta Program!

CK-12 Foundation is introducing the next generation FlexBooks system in June.  In addition to the current FlexBooks functionality, the new system introduces learning in the form of concepts. Concepts are small units of content that can be used to learn or review a particular topic.


We are inviting friends of CK-12 to explore our new system and help us improve by providing valuable feedback.  The system is a work in progress and, with your help, we hope to make the product better. Regular updates will be made based on your feedback.

To get started click on "Start Now" below and create an account.  (Existing CK-12 accounts are not a part of the new system yet, so you will need to create an account specific to this new system.)  Be sure to provide us with feedback about your experience by visiting our feedback page!

New this month!

Understanding Biodiversity - collaborative project
  • CK-12 Foundation and Encyclopedia of Life are joining forces to produce Understanding Biodiversity - a FlexBook for secondary level students, created by secondary level students.  Understanding Biodiversity will consist of species pages describing organisms studied in the life sciences.  Secondary level biology students and classes around the world are invited to learn more about how to contribute by emailing with "[SCIENCE] Understanding Biodiversity proposal" in the subject line.  For more general information about this project, visit the Understanding Biodiversity FlexBook.
Coming Soon...

Titles coming soon to the CK-12 library:
  • CK-12 Algebra II w/Trig (the first five chapters)
  • CK-12 Middle School Math - Grade 6, Teacher's Edition, Teaching Tips
  • CK-12 Middle School Math - Grade 6, Teacher's Edition, Common Errors 
  • CK-12 Middle School Math - Grade 6, Teacher's Edition, Differentiated Instruction
  • CK-12 Physical Science For Middle School
Points of Interest

CK-12 partners with SummerQAmp...SummerQAmp is a nationwide initiative to train young Americans for careers in Quality Assurance.  The initiative's goal is to help create at least 1,000 QA internships this coming summer.  CK-12 is partnering with SummerQAmp to develop and online educational resource that will provide interns with information about the role of QA in the development, a career guide and listings of the QA internships available.  Read more about this exciting program.

Calling all pilots...CK-12 is looking for schools who are already conducting pilot studies with our materials.  If you are currently formally exploring CK-12 materials, please complete this survey to tell us more about your experience.
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