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February 2012

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Over 1,000,000 Downloads!

CK-12 is excited to announce that in February, we reached 1,000,000 books downloaded!  The downloads include books of all titles and across many different formats: PDF, Kindle, iPad, NOOK and more.  The momentum is definitely building as educational institutions and individual learners search for high-quality and open solutions to their content needs.
New this month!

New content for Kindle, iPad, NOOK and other devices:
  • U.S. History Sourcebook - Basic ePub (readable on iPads and Android devices such as NOOK) has been added to the CK-12 website and will soon be available in the iBookStore.

IMPORTANT TIP: CK-12's Kindle and ePub pages are the most up-to-date sources of our eReader files.  Check out these libraries for titles you may have missed or that may not yet be available in stores. 

Coming Soon...

FlexBooks System Version 2.0 Beta:

CK-12 Foundation is getting ready to introduce FlexBooks System version 2.0 which provides the component missing in version 1.0 - a focus around learning.  The new system will combine student-centric learning with teacher-centric tools and materials to create a dynamic system that can be used by anyone.  By-invitation-only beta testing will begin in early March.  Keep an eye on the website and coming newsletters for more information on how you can be a part of our beta.

Titles coming soon to the CK-12 library:
  • CK-12 Algebra II w/Trig (the first five chapters)
  • CK-12 Middle School Math - Grade 6, Teacher's Edition, Teaching Tips
  • CK-12 Middle School Math - Grade 6, Teacher's Edition, Common Errors 
  • CK-12 Middle School Math - Grade 6, Teacher's Edition, Differentiated Instruction
  • CK-12 Physical Science For Middle School
Points of Interest

CK-12's other offerings...Some of you may not know that in addition to FlexBooks® digital textbooks, CK-12 offers free SAT prep and interactive Algebra curriculum. and are currently going through various improvements.  Keep your eye on future newsletters for more details and announcements about these great resources.

Calling all pilots...CK-12 is looking for schools who are already conducting pilot studies with our materials.  If you are currently formally exploring CK-12 materials, please complete this survey to tell us more about your experience.
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