May 2011

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Dr. David Wiley Submits Paper on First Phase of Utah Open Textbooks Project to International Review
NASA and CK-12 Continue Collaboration
Major FlexBook Pilot Underway
CK-12 Hits the Road
Your Feedback Please
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Dr. David Wiley Submits Paper on First Phase of Utah Open Textbooks Project to International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning (IRRODL) 

The paper outlines all of the cost-related lessons the BYU team has learned during the first phase of the Utah Open Textbooks (UOT) project. The study was conducted using CK-12 middle school and high school science FlexBooks, including CK-12 MS Earth Science, CK-12 HS Earth Science,CK-12 Life Science, CK-12 Biology, CK-12 Biology - Honors, and CK-12 Chemistry - SecondEdition as seed content for teachers. While waiting for publication of the paper, please feel free to check out the Open Textbooks Cost Calculator created based on the lessons learned. Phase 2 of the UOT project will be announced in the coming weeks.  

NASA and CK-12 Continue Collaboration

NASA and CK-12 are following up their collaboration on the addition of a new chapter to CK-12's 21st Century Physics FlexBook on how simulation-based engineering is used to develop new technology (, with a new initiative to create a simulation-based engineering FlexBook. The development of this new content is being overseen by Jim Batterson, former NASA Langley deputy director of strategic development and senior advisor to the Commonwealth of Virginia for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). The new FlexBook is expected to be available before the end of 2011.  

Major FlexBook Pilot Underway

CK-12 and the Pennsylvania Intermediary Unit 15 have begun teacher training for the piloting of CK-12 Biology, Geometry and Physics FlexBooks. When completed, the training will impact  8 school districts, 23 teachers and 1,000 students. We'll keep you posted on progress and teacher feedback as it becomes available.

CK-12 Hits the Road 

Members of the CK-12 team have been recently been visiting with various groups and school districts to discuss FlexBooks, including:


Chicago - Neeru Khosla participated in the Design Strategy Conference 2011 in Chicago, an international executive forum addressing how businesses can use design to explore emerging opportunities, solve complex problems, and achieve lasting strategic advantage.  Neeru discussed how FlexBooks are changing the textbook paradigm and the impact of open education resources on student achievement.


Indiana - the Partner Relations team presented a workshop to Indiana's North Daviess Community Schools providing an overview of FlexBooks and demonstrating how the system works.  The workshop, attended by approximately 24 participants, including teachers and administrators, also featured an interactive discussion of how teachers plan to use FlexBooks in their classrooms.

Your Feedback Please...

CK-12 has presented at a number of conferences over the past year, including Computer Using Educators (CUE), National Science Teacher Association (NSTA), National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and California Charter Schools Association (CCSA). Looking ahead, we'd really appreciate your input on what conferences you think we should attend. Please share your feedback with us at Thanks!

Check it Out:

If you're interested in how FlexBooks can work for you and your students, or if you'd like to know what new features we're offering, from eBook downloads to mobile apps, we encourage you to check out one of our free webinars. View the bottom of CK-12's homepage for a listing of upcoming webinars (

Teacher Quote:

I think CK-12 will play a vital role in fulfilling a paradigm which strives for open-content and accessible information for all. Plus you have consistency in the quality of information.

   Don Jon

   Manchester, UK

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Notes from Neeru

I'm happy to say that interest in open educational resources is rapidly growing both here in the U.S. and abroad and CK-12 FlexBooks are playing a pivotal role in this movement.  As a result, we find ourselves in the pleasant position of growing the CK-12 team, specifically in the areas of engineering and partner relations.  If you share our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality, standards-aligned content, have a passion for changing how educational content is delivered to our youth, and have expertise in these areas, please email us at    

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