January 2011

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CK-12 Selected by Consortium of Pennsylvania School Districts
SageMilk Signs Licensing Agreement with CK-12
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CK-12 Selected by Consortium of Pennsylvania School Districts for Two-Year Pilot Program

CK-12 has been selected as a partner of The Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU), a multi-district consortium of school districts in Pennsylvania, to work on a two-year pilot project to integrate digital textbooks into the classroom.   The pilot will leverage the existing wide area network to develop and distribute digital content aligned with Pennsylvania's Academic Standards, while utilizing the latest technologies and research-based instructional strategies.  The goal is to improve student achievement by creating a 21st century learning environment. 


The consortium conducted a competitive review process before selecting CK-12 as the provider of its digital textbooks and resources for the project.


"The review process was rigorous and enlightening," said Mark Hennes, special projects supervisor, CAIU.  "We look forward to working with CK-12 as our digital textbook partner.  Already in use by many school districts across the nation, CK-12 was selected due to the high-quality, superior flexibility and cost-effectiveness of its learning materials.  CK-12's mission is admirable and the quality outcome of their work with states such as California is very impressive."


"We're excited to be working with CAIU on this pilot" said Neeru Khosla, co-founder and executive director of CK-12.  "It's a tremendous opportunity for us to have an impact while learning how we can enhance and mature our content for use across other school districts across the nation."


The consortium envisions a two-year pilot project with planning and training occurring in academic year 2010-2011, with classroom implementation in academic year 2011-2012.  The goals of this project are to: improve 21st century teaching skills through innovative professional development; develop and share quality teaching resources, including lesson plans aligned to PA Academic Standards, among consortium members; create an engaging learning environment utilizing digital content; improve student achievement and 21st century skills; and establish partnerships, infrastructure and processes that foster future digital initiatives. 

SageMilk Signs Licensing Agreement with CK-12

CK-12 and mobile app developer SageMilk have launched the first phase of CK-12 FlexBook study-aid apps as part of a collaboration to create educational mobile apps from FlexBooks.  These apps are available on all iPhone and Android smart phones, as well as the iPad, iPod touch and Android tablets.


The interactive study-aid apps created by SageMilk complement the CK-12 standards-aligned math and science digital textbook portfolio designed for adaptation to all levels of a student's learning needs. SageMilk apps feature chapter-by-chapter key term definitions, multiple-choice quizzes, flashcards, book glossary, social learning tools for sending questions to friends, and a report card of correct and incorrect answers.  These apps give students the flexibility to study select CK-12 subject areas whenever and wherever they are with their mobile device.  


SageMilk's publication engine automatically creates study-aid apps from electronic content data pasted into online templates - making it easy for non-programmers to create mobile educational apps in one sitting. Teachers can create content with their students for free downloadable apps by using SageMilk online templates. Multiple choice and flashcard quizzes from select apps are also available online at


The initial release of SageMilk low-cost learning apps related to this partnership are for the following CK-12 FlexBooks:

CK-12 Biology I- presents an understanding of the history, disciplines, tools, and modern techniques of science to the study of cell biology, genetics, evolution, ecology, and human physiology.  App is available on Android and Apple.

CK-12 Chemistry - delivers a full course of study in the physical sciences for the advanced high school student.  App is available on Android and Apple.


CK-12 Life Science - provides a full course of study in the life sciences for the high school student.  App is currently available on Android.


CK-12 Earth Science - covers the study of Earth - its minerals and energy resources, processes inside and on its surface, its past, water, weather and climate, the environment and human actions, and astronomy.  App is currently available on Android.

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CK-12 is Presenting Sponsor of 18th Annual California Charter Schools Conference

CK-12 is honored to serve as presenting sponsor of the CCSA conference ( that shares innovative ideas on achieving academic excellence, operational integrity, and unity among charter schools throughout the state.  We hope you will join us for the conference, which takes place March 7-10 at the San Diego Convention Center, and encourage you to contact us at  if you'd like a personal FlexBook demonstration.


A Discussion on Meaningful Education Technology hosted by LPS

Neeru Khosla will be participating in a panel discussion at IDEO about education technology.  Hosted by Leadership Public Schools (LPS) and moderated by Heather Hiles, CEO of, the panel will feature Neeru along with LPS CEO, Louise Waters and Michael Horn, author of Disrupting Class, a seminal book on the disruptive power of technology in education.  It promises to be a thought-provoking discussion. 

Teacher Quote


I can't thank you enough for the FlexBook and the service that goes with it. This helps my students tremendously in regards to science literacy and technology.


Joseph Gerraputa, Teacher, Pathways College Preparatory School, St. Albans, NY

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Notes from Neeru


The success of an open community of learning is reliant on the generosity of its members to share their knowledge, experiences, ideas and innovations. Hence our ongoing calls for contributions.  I'd like to thank Barbara Smith, who recently donated 7th and 8th grade pre-algebra lessons, for her commitment to the collaborative model. 


CK-12 greatly appreciates the invaluable contributions of the educators, students and administrators who have contributed to our ever-growing FlexBook library.  This desire to share tools and best practices is what shapes the success of the FlexBook process.  We encourage all of you to share, like Barbara, your favorite worksheet, problem set, lesson plan, etc. with us so that we can continue to create truly "living" textbooks.  Check out the simple process at