August 2010
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CK-12's Murugan Pal to Contribute to California Digital Textbook Initiative's Technology Committee
James Dann - Physics FlexBook on You Tube
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New FlexBooks Coming This Fall
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CK-12's Murugan Pal to Contribute to California Digital Textbook Initiative's Technology Committee

CK-12 Foundation has been highly involved in California's Digital Textbook Initiative since its launch in May of 2009, and currently has nine standards-aligned titles available, for free, to schools throughout the state.  California's Secretary of Education Bonnie Reiss and her team are seeking to expand the program, which aims to ensure California's students have access to high-quality, cost-effective instructional materials.

The development of an advanced technology infrastructure is critical to a successful expansion of the Digital Textbook Initiative. To get that development process jumpstarted Bonnie Reiss has created a sub-working group to address relevant technology issues. CK-12 co-founder Murugan Pal has been invited to participate in this group, which is charged with making recommendations addressing a variety of areas, including the creation of a consistent format and "home" for the books to be shared by all participating digital publishers.  Other participants in this technology sub-working group include school district superintendents, publishers and technology experts.
CK-12 will provide updates on the findings of this group in this newsletter as its work progresses.   
James Dann - Physics FlexBook on You Tube

James Dann, physics teacher at The Menlo School in Menlo Park, California, and author of The People's Physics FlexBook, is a dedicated teacher devoted to best practices in open-source content.  Check out the remarkable knowledge that he imparts in a passionate and engaging manner on some great You Tube videos.  The videos, some of which feature his students, serve as a valuable supplemental resource to the educational text and cover an array of topics ranging from "The Physics of a YoYo" and "The Physics of Walking," to "Fun with Lightbulbs" and "Newton's Third Law."  Check out a sample below on "Angular Momentum." 

Teacher Quote

"The CK-12 Chemistry book I used was vastly superior to the Holt Chemistry book I have been using.  It was easier for students to read, it was more enriched.  I attribute this to the skill of the author(s).  It does not appear to have been written by a committee to meet state standards, but written by experienced teachers with a passion for teaching and a love of the subject matter."

Bill Hunt, science teacher at the Big Pine High School/Middle School in Sierra Nevada, California, in an email sent to the California Department of Education
In the News

Noted media outlet names Neeru Khosla one of the most influential people affecting the advancement of technology in education today

As part of Tech & Learning's 30th anniversary celebration, the editors are compiling a compendium of the most influential people affecting the advancement of technology in education. Their second group of honorees reflects today's leaders who are changing the landscape of edtech through innovation and vision.  CK-12 Co-Founder and Executive Director Neeru Khosla was recognized, along with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Roberto J. Rodriguez, currently serving on the White House Domestic Policy Council as special assistant to President Obama for education, among others.

Future of Education - July 14, 2010
Neeru Khosla Shares FlexBook Mission with the Future of Education
New FlexBooks Coming This Fall

New Math Titles

CK-12 Middle School Math - Grade 6
CK-12 Middle School Math - Grade 7
CK-12 Basic Algebra
CK-12 Basic Geometry
CK-12 Basic Probability and Statistics - A Full Course
CK-12 Algebra I - Second Edition
CK-12 Geometry - Second Edition
CK-12 Advanced Probability and Statistics - Second Edition

New Science Titles
CK-12 Earth Science - Middle School
CK-12 Earth Science - High School
CK-12 Life Science - Middle School
CK-12 Biology I
CK-12 Chemistry - Second Edition
Check it Out

FlexBooks are now available in ePub and iPad formats.  Check out the titles and how to download them at

FlexBook titles are now aligned with the standards of 7 states:  California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Texas and Utah.  View the correlations:
Notes from Neeru

After much consideration we at CK-12 Foundation have decided to update our content licensing type from Creative Commons By-Attribution-Share-Alike to Creative Commons By-Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike (

We made this move after much deliberation, taking into consideration the many aspects of our work and the people involved in what we do.

For example, donors have been asking CK-12 to rethink our license because they were not comfortable with the fact that anyone could use their content for commercial purposes.  Some of our content users have been requesting us to our make license interoperable with university initiatives like MIT's Open Courseware.  Also, many commercial entities have been approaching us to partner with them for our content but they are not interested in helping us sustain our mission.

After seeing how well the new license works for other Open Educational Resources (OER) consortia like MIT's Open Courseware ( and Carnegie Mellon University's Open Learning Initiative (, we felt taking this same approach was appropriate and more beneficial to our donors and content users.  These entities are still "open" and represent the sharing spirit.   We feel that we can now better protect the hard work of our donors and give them the security of knowing that commercialization is not taken without our permission.

This change in license does not affect how you enjoy and use our content.  You may do so with the same freedom to share and change to your requirements as you see fit.  The only difference now is that we ask you to approach us before you make any decision to commercialize our content.

We understand that you may have questions and hope you will contact us with any concerns at

We appreciate your support of CK-12 and hope that you'll forward this newsletter on to any of your contacts who may share your interest in the digital textbook movement.