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United Way of Lunenburg County

January 2011

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January and the New Year that it brings always provides a fresh new perspective on the many opportunities available to us all.


This year, through the combined efforts of our many individual and corporate contributors, we are able to continue our support of many Lunenburg County organizations and projects as well as introduce a new youth initiative called United Youth.

Your contributions to United Way in some cases make many of these programs possible, while in others your support provides the extra financial means to make good programs even better. 


Keep on reading below and to the right to learn more about these exciting projects .



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United Way of Lunenburg County

United Youth
Empowering our youth today for tomorrow
United Youth is a new United Way of Lunenburg County initiative designed to help foster local youth involvement and initiative, community spirit and positive relationships through volunteerism. This program will:

  • Motivate and encourage youth to become involved in their school and communities
  • Provide funds to help support youth driven volunteer projects that offer creative youth iniataited solutions to community issues 

The United Youth Committee is currently looking for Lunenburg County youth members to sit on the United Youth Board. If you would like to help other youth make a positive difference in our community then consider applying to become a United Youth Board Member.

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Board Applications and additional information can be found on our website.

Please e-mail your completed application or questions to our Lunenburg County youth board members

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Have a great idea that will move the community forward?
Investing in Lunenburg County youth, families, seniors and communities

On behalf of all those people that make a financial contribution to the United Way of Lunenburg County, the United Way of Lunenburg County is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for program or project fundinAllocation Adg.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to those Lunenburg County non-profit groups that you think may qualify for and benefit from United Way of Lunenburg County funding.

The application form as well as a list of application requirements can be found on our website. Simply click on the Allocation tab on the left hand margin. If you have received United Way funding in the past you must submit a completed Final Reporting Form before applying for additional funding.

If you have any questions or require additional information please do not hesitate to e-mail us at office@lunenburgcounty.unitedway.ca

About Us

The United Way of Lunenburg County raises money in the local community and then invests that money into programs, organizations and projects that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of Lunenburg County residents.


Since our inception in 2003 we have invested over $525,000 in 100 non-profit, charitable organizations that have improved the lives of thousands of Lunenburg County residents.


Without your support there would be no way.


Ask us how you and your workplace can make a measurable difference in Lunenburg County.

Click here to ask us how. 


In This Issue
United Youth
Investing in our community
Early Intervention


"If only we had caught the problem earlier..."


Time is a very precious commodity, particularly when you are dealing with young children and their brain development. Small social or developmental problems today, without treatment or even delayed treatment, can become major problems in the future.


Numerous child development research studies consistently show that the first years of a child's life are the most crucial in terms of their learning and development. It is during these early years that the rate of human development and learning is the most rapid and the most receptive to positive teachings.


First Steps Early Intervention Program, a Lunenburg County based organization, believes that families with special needs children need help today and not tomorrow. With funding in part from the United Way of Lunenburg County, First Steps Early Intervention provides home-based assistance to local families whose children (birth to school entry) show signs of learning or developmental delay or impairment. Working with families, an Early Interventionist provides screening, ongoing observational assessment, and monitoring of the child's development.  The program also provides information, resources, activity suggestions and support to the family to help enhance the child's development and facilitate family capacity. United Way monies are used to increase their staff time by 20%, giving an additional 4-6 Lunenburg County families access to this program. United Way funding is also used to help provide playgroups (1-2 year) and special activities, along with workshops and information sessions.


If you know of a child or family that could benefit from the services of the First Steps Early Intervention Program please call their Executive Director, Carol Langille at 531-3500. To find out more about how the United Way is putting your donations to work visit our website.  Click here.



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