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  • Identify Babies and Children with developmental challenges;
  • Seniors solve transportation challenges;
  • Young Children thrive in a safer & healthier environment;
  • Teens experience positive leisure activities and the realities of parenting;
  • Parents feed their families; 
  • Rural Communities & our Bigger Towns provide inclusive activities for young & old;
  • Special Needs Adults enjoy the rewards of meaningful employment; and
  • Community Resources & Volunteers partner for greater impact. 
In short, the reach of your United Way of Lunenburg County contribution will be felt in virtually every corner of our county, and the benefits will be felt in more households and lives than you can possibly imagine. 

" That's not a cop, that's my buddy Will"

Prevention Paying Off.

Kids and KopsThrough no fault of their own, some kids may harbour negative feelings about their local law enforcement officers. For any number of reasons and whether their feelings are justified or not, it is irrelevant, the damage is done. Cops are bad and can't be trusted.


Of course nothing could be further from the truth. Police officers, like all of us, want a safe and supportive community that we can all be proud of. Engaging and interacting in a positive manner with kids in their formative years is crucial to breaking this cycle of distrust. South Shore Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) in partnership with the Town of Bridgewater Police Services and the local RCMP, with funding provided by the United Way of Lunenburg County and in-kind services provided by the local business community have created a hugely successful 5 day summer day camp program called "Kids and Kops." This free camp is open to children who are currently in a BBBS program like "In School Mentoring" or a traditional big brother, big sister adult/child match or are on a waiting list for these great programs.


This intensive summer day camp experience provides local at-risk kids and local law enforcement officers with the opportunity to interact, learn, share and experience a wide variety of activities related to law enforcement, recreation and adventure. Crime scene investigation, mock trials as well as trips to the beach and Keji are just some of the many activities that Kids and Kops experience up close and together. After nervous first day jitters, followed by an action packed week, the camp ends with a graduation ceremony where Kops are friends and on a first name basis. Many of the kids express a keen interest on becoming police officers themselves. One of the organizers, Constable Will Creamer, School Liaison Officer, says that the program gives him a legitimate "In" with the kids at schools. "That's not a cop, that's my buddy Will," is a phrase that he hears often. What is also telling is the number of local kids who have never been to the beach, Lunenburg, Keji or on a boat. "It breaks my heart" says BBBS Executive Director Sandra Murray.


If you know of a child who could benefit from Big Brothers Big Sisters programming like Kids and Kops, please call them at 543-4435.


Girls talk.  People listen.

Hands on Support
Girl TalkIt's tough being a kid today, even tougher being a girl, particularly a preteen girl. The many mixed messages projected by our modern society and the media today are confusing, unrealistic and in many cases less than positive. If you're impressionable or lack the family or social supports to interpret these messages the results may become overwhelming and in some cases destructive.


Second Story Women's Centre, with funding provided by the United Way of Lunenburg County, is offering a free, four day summer day camp experience for girls 9 - 12 who might need guidance as they take steps toward entering womanhood.


These camps will provide the opportunity for girls to enhance their communication, decision-making and relationship skills. In addition the goal is to assist them in becoming more confident in themselves and to empower them to become more involved in their schools and communities. Leadership skills will be promoted as a way to feel connected to others and to have the ability to contribute to the whole community. Two well-trained facilitators will supervise this program. Parents from previous sessions have said the following about the program: "These topics are present in everyday life. Sometimes children think parents are 'preaching' to them. They are more open to hearing it from other people." "She can be shy therefore easy to be bullied, or maybe I am just a worried mother." The daughters said the following when asked what they liked most about the Girl Talk experience: "The leaders, the discussions and meeting people." "The crafts and games." "Getting outside for lunch." "Making new friends."Six summer day camps will be available to girls in the following communities: Lunenburg, Bridgewater (2 sessions), Chester (2 sessions) and New Germany. For further information please call 630-3044.

Blair VarnerThere's Nothing To Do!  
I'm Bored! 
Tired of Saying it?    Tired of Hearing it? 

Plans are now underway for the 2nd annual

The South Shore

Youth Activity Day

Saturday, September 25

South Shore Exhibition Grounds



over 40 organizations providing

fun, skill building, adventure, leadership, new friends, demo's, info, opportunity,

music and much more.


Admission is a donation to the United Way of Lunenburg County and/ or food donations for the food bank

About Us
The United Way of Lunenburg County raises money in the local community and then invests that money into programs, organizations and projects that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of Lunenburg County residents.
Since our inception in 2003 we have invested over $525,000 in over 100 Lunenburg County community groups and organizations.
Without your support, there would be no way.
Ask us how you and your workplace can make a measurable difference in Lunenburg County. Ask us here.
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Lunenburg County a Great Place
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Lunenburg County is indeed a great place to work, live and raise a family...


Economic numbers are looking up, new businesses are moving into the area, and our many municipal governments are finally moving forward on projects that are important to the county. The worst of the recession seems to be behind us and we live in a community that has a lifestyle that is second to none. This is a great place to live if you're healthy, employed, have a decent paying job and a strong loving family.


But what if you're working at a minimum wage job with no benefits, or have children with learning or physical disabilities, are recently laid off, or have an addiction or mental health problem? What if you're a senior with few friends or no family, are the child of a dysfunctional or broken family or a member of the working poor? What happens if you have a strong rural community but little infrastructure to sustain it? Then life isn't so easy.


Like it or not, these problems are our problems. They put a strain on our limited resources, reduce productivity and limit our ability to hire reliable and competent employees.


With governments at all levels grappling with high debt and budget deficits, the ability to access funding to address these problems will be greatly reduced. As a community we can wait for something to happen or we can make it happen. Let's choose to make things happen.


This year, with the generous support of our donors, we are pleased to report that the United Way of Lunenburg County has recently invested $128,174 in 25 local community organizations and programs.


These are investments that are good for the community and good for business. By providing new opportunities to kids, youth, families, seniors and rural communities, we help strengthen our communities, people, families and ourselves.


Let's be clear; these community investments are not handouts but hand ups.


We can and should do more and with your help we will.


Consider this. 

If every single working person in Lunenburg County invested just 15 per day with the United Way of Lunenburg County, we would raise over $1.1 million dollars each and every year. This money would be invested in Lunenburg County projects, organizations and communities that would make a meaningful and measurable difference in the lives of local residents. That's good for business, good for our workers and their families, and good for the community and the economy.


Please consider working together and with us so that we can help make Lunenburg County a great place to live, work and play for all. 

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