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Sautéed Asparagus and Bountiful Berries-The CobraHead Newsletter
May 2011

Hello Friends of CobraHead,


Last week we had an awesome rain here in Austin.  Not enough to get us out of the drought, but still wonderful.  I planted okra and beans from seeds that I had saved from the previous year the day before the rain and they have now sprouted.  Tonight or tomorrow I will transplant sweet potato slips that I also started from a couple of tubers left over from last year's harvest.


I still savor ordering seeds every year and experimenting with new varieties and species.  But nothing links one year to the next in a full cycle like planting one's own seeds.  Of course, both beans and sweet potatoes make it easy to do so.  


This month Judy shows a quick and simple way to cook asparagus.  They are having a great harvest in Wisconsin.  Noel describes his transplant method for strawberries.  He hasn't had to buy new plants for years.


What seeds do you like to save?  Drop me a line at


Happy Gardening,



Trenched Berries
Temporarily Trenched Strawberries

Banking in Berries 

Noel has been growing strawberries successfully for over twenty years.  Learn how easy it is to move these plants throughout your vegetable garden and how Noel deals with weed problems here.

Asparagus Saute
Asparagus Sauté

Judy's Asparagus Sauté 

What, no sweet potato recipe this month?  That's okay, because Judy cooked a savory and simple asparagus dish and shares it with you here.
Crushing Yaupon Holly Leaves
Preparing Yaupon Tea

Yaupon Tea 

Why would anyone make a tea out of a plant called vomitoria?  Well Geoff, not always the most cautious member of the CobraHead team, decided to do so.  Did he throw up?  Click here to find out.

If you like our newsletter and our products or if you have some suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.

If you have gardening friends or if you know potential gardeners who might be interested in CobraHead and what we have to say about gardening and eating, please to them. 
It is the mission of CobraHead to help people grow their own food and to provide exceptional products and services to all gardeners.  We try hard to "walk the walk" when it comes to issues of sustainability and in deciding what is best for ourselves and the environment as we grow our little company.  We've chosen to make our tools locally, here in Wisconsin, and we think that bigger is not necessarily better.  Gardening might just be earth's great hope, and in any case it's a great hobby.
Thank you,
Noel, Judy, Geoff and Anneliese
The CobraHead Team
In This Issue
Success with Strawberries
Asparagus Sauté
Texas Tea
Pear Blossoms


The photo above shows a few of the blossoms on my pear tree. You can see a number of other great flowery photos by checking out my post for this month's Gardener Bloggers' Bloom Day. Every 15th of the month, garden bloggers take photos of the the flowers blooming in their gardens and post them for others to see. Our friend Carol at May Dreams Gardens started this fantastic monthly event. 


There's a good chance Spring might finally have arrived in Wisconsin. I've had flowers blooming in my garden for the past two months, but cold temperatures and tons of rain have kept me out of it for the most part. Last week temperatures got up into the 80s for about two days before plunging back into the 40s and 50s (and 30s at night!). This weekend's forecast is calling for more 70 degree days, and I'm pleased about that.   


We certainly hope the weather stays nice when Noel and Judy represent CobraHead at this Saturday's Festival of Spring at the Paine Art Center in Oshkosh, WI.  


Other upcoming events include:


Klehm Arboretum's Garden Fair June 3-5, in Rockford, IL.


The California Master Gardener Conference May 31 - June 3, in Santa Rosa, CA.


The MREA Energy Fair June 17 - 19, in Custer, WI. 


We'd certainly love to see you at any one of these events if you can make it!   


Cheers and Happy Spring Gardening!




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