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NEW Test Prep Class for both ACT/SAT 

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North Carolina now requires all students in public schools to take the ACT in March.  This new class prepares Juniors for both the ACT and SAT. 


Choose from two Prep Classes:

November 3 - January 19:
Prep for January, February and March test dates. 


February 23 - April 27: 
Prep for April, May and June test dates.


These classes have a total of 20 hours (10 weeks) of instruction for $750 per student.    


Call (704) 892-4533 to register.

Upcoming SAT and ACT Test Dates

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Click on the links below for important information


SAT test dates  


ACT test dates


Customized Package Just For You 

one on one test prep

We offer 1-on-1 Test prep that can be arranged to fit the student's schedule.   

Focused test prep concentrates on the student's specific areas of concern. 


The cost is $90 for 1.5 hour session.  Buy 10 sessions get 1 free.



which direction?

Still Not Sure About Your Major?  


You're not alone.  Over half of high school Seniors are unsure of their interests or of potential majors in general.   


Our Career/Major Research assessment is the perfect instrument to guide you on the path to career discovery.  Students take two different assessments followed by an evaluation and research discussion.


$250 for two sessions including two inventories and interpretations of each   


Call 704-892-4533 or email to register.  


OCTOBER SEMINAR:  Tuesday, Oct. 9

college students with books

"How to Become the Student Colleges Want"


Presented by Cindy Turner, College Counselor.  Geared toward 8th - 10th graders and their parents.  We'll answer your questions about college admission and discuss how to plan your classes and activities with an eye toward college.


Tuesday, October 9 

6:30 - 8:00 pm  

$40 per family   


Register through Davidson Parks and Rec.  

NOVEMBER SEMINAR:  Tuesday, Nov. 13

ladies basketball

"A Guide to the Athletic Recruiting Process" 


Presented by Amy Poag, College Counselor and Jay Poag, Football Coach.  Geared toward all high school athletes (and their parents) who wish to play a sport in college. 


Tuesday, November 13 

7:00 pm  

$40 per family   


Register through Davidson Parks and Rec.

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