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one on one test prep

Getting accepted to the college/university of your choice takes careful planning.  It starts before you begin high school:

9th Grade:  4 individual sessions to focus on study skills, course selection, extracurricular planning, career interest, basic intro to college research.

10th Grade:  6 individual sessions to focus on grades, career interest, course selection, college research, activities and leadership, summer activities scholarship searches.  Inventory process (including Myers Briggs, LASSI, Strong Interest Inventory, College Match Survey)

11th Grade:  10 individual sessions to continue discussion of previous topics and to add focus on the college list, standardized testing, interview preparation, application, essays.

12th Grade:  12 individual sessions to assist with application process (form, essays, interviews, recommendations, resume, etc.) scholarship search and financial aid process.

Admission to all 10 College Planning Workshops given by The Davidson Center.

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Year Round SAT Prep Classes

test prep

Match our 8 week SAT Prep class with one of four SAT test dates 


March Test - 8 week class beginning week of January 9


May Test - 8 week class beginning week of February 27


June Test - 8 week class beginning week of March 26


These classes have a total of 20 hours of instruction for $650 per student.  This includes the SAT Official Study Guide.

Workshop:  Basics of College Admission
Tuesday, January 10 @ 7:00 pm


ready for college

Cindy Turner and Amy Poag will present an overview of the college planning process for 9th - 11th graders and their parents.


Topics will include :

  • finding your college match
  • important factors in admission decisions
  • activities
  • standardized testing
  • the parents' role in the process

Click here to register (through the Davidson Parks & Recreation department) or call our office (704) 892-4533

College Planning Workshops in 2012

Mark your calendars for these informative workshops in 2012.  All are $45 per family except for the July and August sessions which are multiple day sessions. 


Workshops take place each month at The Davidson Center

  • the 2nd Tuesday  at 7:00 pm and again 
  • the 2nd Saturday at 10:00 am

Register today - maximum of 10 families (minimum of 4 families)


Register at the Davidson Parks & Recreation Department

Click here to register or call our office (704) 892-4533

  • January  Basics of College Admission
    (9th - 11th grade)
  • February  Guide to Researching Colleges (9th - 11th grade)
  • March   Parents' Role in Planning for College (Parents of 9th - 12th graders)
  • April  College Planning for Artists (9th - 11th grade)
  • May  A Guide to College:  Surviving Your Freshman Year (12th Grade)
  • July  College Planning Summer Class (4 sessions, 3 hours each, rising 11th & 12th grade)
  • August  Writing the Application Essay (2 sessions, rising 12th grade)
  • September   A Guide to Completing College Applications
  • October  Becoming the Student Colleges Want (9th - 11th grade)
  • November  College Planning for Athletes (9th - 11th grade)
  • December  Financial Aid and Scholarships (11th - 12th grade and parents) 


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