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Everything You Need To Get Ahead This Summer


Test Prep for College - Gain confidence for the SAT and ACT tests with our approved Test Prep courses.


Stay Fresh - We offer enrhichment classes to maintain your skills over the summer.


Help with Remediation - Let us help you master what you missed in school this year (Kindergarten - Fifth Grade). 


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A Mastery Of Arithmetic Is Just What Students Need to Succeed in Higher Level Math

 ... There is a complete disconnect between elementary school math and college math requirements.  The majority of states fail to focus on the mathematics that elementary school children need to learn to be successful in college math.  And that's arithmetic - understanding and fluency with the standard procedures for addition subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals, along with working complex multistep problems involving operations.  


 ... It almost seemed like a plot to prevent children from leaving home for college or, at least, to get them to come home quickly because of lack of preparedness.


...Although it may seem that I'm ignoring or skipping over high mathematics, it's rather that I'm focusing on arithmetic as the needed foundation - and that foundation is taught in elementary school.  You see, I'm not a 'back-to-basics" person.  Rather, I'm a "build-the-foundation" person. 


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Source:  Written by W. Stephen Wilson, published in "Educational Leadership", March 2011 

Need Credit Recovery for A Failed Course?  We Can Help!
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Re-Take A Failed Course - We're certified course instructors with all the area school systems:  Charlotte/Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, and Iredell Counties. 

We offer both Middle and High School credit recovery programs taught by certified teachers:


Middle School: "One Course" program:  Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies.


High School:  Choose from Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Advanced Functions & Modeling, English 9, English 10, or English 11, World History, U.s. History, Spanish I-IV, Biology, Chemistry.  Other courses offered based on demand.


Course Dates:

June 27 - July 20 (no class on July 4) Monday - Thursday

July 18 - August 4  Monday - Friday


Cost:  $750.00


Don't delay ... summer programs start soon and always fill up quickly!Please call our offices in Davidson or Mooresville to discuss the option you need. 

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Flex-Time Tutoring:  10 Hours Of Help This Summer - You Pick The Day/Time

Summer Camp

Purchase 10 hours of tutoring in advance and use it during the summer:

  • help with online courses
  • summer reading comprehension
  • brush up on math skills   

$480.00 divided into two flexible payments.  Call our office to book your Flex-Time Summer tutoring today.
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Client Testimony: My Son Enjoys Reading Now

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"I cannot tell you how FANTASTIC it is to hear my son say he enjoys reading now.  It is so wonderful how much you have helped him.  I see his progress every day!"


A Middle School Parent

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