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Explaining Orton- Gillingham


Orton-Gillingham approach

"Reading is the most important academic skill and the foundation for all academic learning. If our children cannot read, they are on the road to academic failure. Teaching children to read must be our highest priority."
            --California Task Force   on Reading, Every Child a Reader


The use of the Orton-Gillingham approach by a knowledgeable and experienced teacher can significantly moderate the language learning and processing problems that arise from dyslexia. 


Learning can become a rewarding and happy experience with the Orto-Gillingham approach. 


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Summer Learning Loss is Real.
Summer School Does Help.
  summer enrichment

Source:  ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) 


...Summer learning loss equaled at least one month of instruction as measured by grade level equivalents on standardized test scores-on average, children's tests scores were at least one month lower when they returned to school in fall than scores were when students left in spring ...


The conclusion of the finding from the US Department of Education states 


..."Summer programs are an effective intervention for purposes of academic remeditaion, enrichment, or acceleration ..."


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All About Summer



It may still be Spring but we're all about Summer here at The Davidson Center.  We have a wide array of opportunities to help students maintain and gain in the Summer of 2011.


Stay Fresh - We offer enrhichment classes to maintain your skills over the summer.


Help with Remediation - Let us help you master what you missed in school this year.


Re-Take A Failed Course - We're certified course instructors with all the area school systems:  Charlotte/Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Iredell


Test Prep for College - Gain confidence for the SAT and ACT tests with our approved Test Prep courses.


Please call our offices in Davidson or Mooresville to discuss the option you need.  Don't delay ... summer programs always fill up quickly!Davidson Center logo



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Flex-Time Tutoring:  10 Hours Of Help This Summer - You Pick The Day/Time

Summer Camp

Purchase 10 hours of tutoring in advance and use it during the summer:

  • help with online courses
  • summer reading comprehension
  • brush up on math skills   

$480.00 divided into two flexible payments.  Call our office to book your Flex-Time Summer tutoring today.
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Client Testimony: "They Helped My Son Become An Independent Learner"

male student 

"Davidson Center did not just provide homework help. They helped my son become a more independent learner."


A High School Parent

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